“Trouble, Trouble” / “Something Wonderful” / “Love Is the Way” 

Label: Soul Direction Records
Catalogue Number: SD021  
Release Date: Tuesday7th 2024 Available to Order – Monday 29th May 2024 
Format: 7’ Vinyl

Available for the first time on vinyl courtesy of Emandolynn Music & Manny Campbell. 

Emandolynn Music did release the tracks, but in digital format only. This prompted Soul Direction to strike a deal to license the tracks for a 7” vinyl release and believed that showcasing all 3 tracks together was the perfect package. This being the way it was meant to be released. 

Manny Campbell heard the group play in a talent showcase in 1969 and shortly after signed them up for a recording session.
Their first recordings were at Upper Darby Studios “Love is the way/ something wonderful” recorded in 1969. Both as demos. He then decided to upgrade the sound and took them Sigma Sound Studios around 1970 to record “Trouble Trouble”. 

They initially never had a ‘name’ for the group, so Manny came up with Sharisma, which could have been a spin on the term Charisma as they were seen to have a certain charm. They liked it and decided to use it. “Trouble, Trouble” was meant to be the group’s first release, but unfortunately before they could finish the process, the main lead singer was drafted to the Vietnam War (He was an enlisted reserve at the time). 

“Trouble, Trouble” was written and produced by Manny Campbell as a ‘letter’ to his first- born son who at the time was getting into some troubles himself at the time. These tracks sat in an unmarked tape box for many years.
Because it was a ‘demo’ Manny Campbell shelved it due to the missing band members and moved onto the next project as this was just one of many tracks he was involved in. 

“Love is the way/something wonderful” Was recorded at Upper Darby Studios. “Trouble, Trouble” Was recorded at Sigma Sound Studios.
Sigma Sound was strongly associated with Philadelphia soul and, in the 1970s, the sound of Gamble and Huff’s Philadelphia International Records so it was the perfect fit for the sound Manny was looking for. The main recording Engineer for “Trouble Trouble” was Joe Tarsia. He was the owner of Sigma Sound and was Gamble and Huff’s main engineer on a lot of their work. The additional musicians on these tracks were the famous Trammps, who later recorded for Buddah & Atlantic records. 

Alan Kitchener