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At first glance you may think Super Disco Edits is just another cut and paste record label, churning out disco fodder. But let me stop you there.
We morphed oursleves into our firt true love.
Sourcing long and forgetten Soul & Jazz artist so we could document their hopes and dreams once again on glorious vinyl.
From established artist like Leroy Hutson and Mike and Dennis Coffey to newly disovered acts like Between the two.  Our aim is to dig deep into old studio archives and dusty lofts and basements of past record label owners to see if we can revive the magic that may lie in old studio reels they may have.
We make sure the reels and material are treated with utmost care like an archaeology find or historical importance.
Once this process has been achieved we make sure our mastering,cutting of laqcueres and vinyl pressings are of the highest quality, while still keeping a friendly price for our loyal customers.
We hope you enjoy giving some of our products a listen and helping bring some light back into these long and forgotten soul men and women.
If you are an old artist, producer or musician why not send us an email and see if you can help you.

The L. A. Propinquity

“That someone’s U (Vocal) / “That someone’s U (Inst)

Label: Aljoni Musico  
Release Date: Mid December 2021
Format: Vinyl 7’

In 1980 while listening to songs submitted for what would become the LP ‘Splash’ by Freddie Hubbard, several of those—including this one “That Someone’s U” did not make its way to the final album tracks. It was never mixed down and the vocal tracks were ‘work takes/scratch vox’. Written by Sydney Justin (aka ‘Steele’), Sanifu Al Hall, and the late David Shields, the song languished on an outtake reel for decades until it was a part of a group of tracks that were converted from analog to digital to be considered for release in association with the Super Disco Edits label.

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The McClintons

“Love doctor” /It’s all in your mind” /Recollections” / “Funky time Saturday night’

Label:7th Galaxy  – Catalog:SDE59 – Release Date: Sept 2021 – Format 12’ 

Welcome to our last instalment from Eryk and Antoinette McClinton. Brother and sister duo who recorded these demo tracks with Detroit legends Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey. Recorded around 1979 these cuts were a spotlight on the duos talents, hoping land them a record deal. 

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Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign

“That is Why” /“69cents”

Label: Monument – Catalog: SDE58 – Release Date: out now – Format: 7′

This is a pre order. Expected release date is August 16th. The Ebony Rhythm Funk Campaign evolved from four musicians who were best friends and all left high school together to play in a band back in early 1970. Matthew Watson, Tony Roberts, Boobie Townsend and Ricky Jackson were soon joined by Lester Johnson after his tour of duty with the US Army came to an end. Shortly after that they added Pam Tanner, Henry Leon Miles and Ron Hedricks to complete the original Funk Campaign.

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Roz Ryan

‘Life after love’ / Sky high’

Label: 7th Galaxy – Catalog: SDE56 – Release: April 2021 – Format: 7’

Welcome to the 2nd release in the Roz Ryan studio reel discovery from 1980. Produced by the mighty Mike Theodore and Dennis Coffey their production skills and arrangements never fail to delivery, and they always throw in a breakdown to keep it funky.

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The Weaver’s of Dreams

“Weavers of dreams” / “We could be a giant”

Label: Carousel Concepts
Catalog: SDE55
Release Date: Out Now

Al Hough was born in the birthplace of jazz, New Orleans, La. His grandfather was the popular jazz composer and pianist, Eddie Jackson, whose band RCA Victor recorded as its original mobile session in the early 1920’s. Al’s dad – Al Sr.- was a vocalist with the famous ‘Sons of the South’ quartet in the ’40’s. When he was still a child, Al’s family left the Jim Crow south and headed North to New York City, Harlem (that dusky sash across Manhattan -Langston Hughes).

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Phillip Ballou

“We’ll be together” / “I need you” (Nefer) 7’

Catalog: SDE54
Release Date: Late December 2020 or early January 2021

Pittsburgh-born Phillip Ballou’s earliest years were spent in the gospel field; after he moved to New York City in the ‘70s, he teamed up with Bennie Diggs and Arthur Freeman, founding members of The New York Community Choir and singer Arnold McCuller to form the group Revelation. The quartet recorded for RSO Records, scoring some R&B success in the US with tracks like “Get Ready For This” and “You To Me Are Everything,” touring the Bee Gees among others.

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“Help me”/”Spellbound” (NIA) 7′

 Catalog: SDE-53

The group “Onyx” was formed in 1972 the members, were Aaron and Wendell Basey, Malvin Scott, and Ronald Busby. Ronald left the group to pursue other interests and was replaced by Cornelius Weekly.
We were reared in the San Francisco Bay Area, specifically Oakland and Alameda, California. We grew up singing in our School and Church Choirs. We all began singing in quartets while we were teenagers in Junior High School. Malvin sang in the group Morry Williams and the Kids. They had a national hit titled “Are You, My GirlFriend.” The Basey brothers sang with several groups in California, none with any recording history.

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Bill Brown and The Soul Injection

“Dreamworld Fantasies” / “Stay off the moon” (Brownstone Records) 7′

Catalog: SDE-51
Release Date: Please note this is a pre order that’s due around the next six weeks

Bill Brown and Al Hall Jr met around 1971, they were both in south central L.A and shared the same apartment building, also in the same building was Doug Carn and brownstone singer billy Wilson. These studio sessions were don’t at Paramount studios Hollywood where Al Hall Jr was working for producer Art Smith A&C music.

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Between The Two

“Take a little time/”My next step” (Right Combination) 7’

Between The Two was the creation of the late great fashion designer Bill F. Whitten, whom is highly known for his remarkable designs for the following Artist: Michael Jackson, The Jackson’s, E.W.F., Stevie Wonder, etc The band originated from his home town of Bessemer
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