Soul Discovery Show – An Exclusive Interview with Candi Staton 19/06/24

In the early ‘70s with a string of hit R&B records, produced by her great friend, the late Rick Hall of the legendary FAME Studios in Muscle Shoals: “I’d Rather Be an Old Man’s Sweetheart (Than a Young Man’s Fool),” “I’m Just a Prisoner (of Your Good Lovin’),” “Sweet Feeling,” “Stand by Your Man” and a cover of “In the Ghetto” that remains nearly as celebrated as Elvis Presley’s original. In the late ‘70s, she reinvented herself as a disco diva, returning to the charts with “Young Hearts Run Free.” She then returned to her gospel roots, a move that unexpectedly led to her career resurgence in the ‘90s and 2000s, as two songs originally written as Christian anthems, “You Got the Love” and “Hallelujah Anyway,” won new audiences with dance remixes.

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Robbie Love

Robbie Love’s musical journey began the day she was born. Growing up in a rock & roll household, Robbie is no stranger to the music industry. It wasn’t unusual for her and her brothers to go shoot billiards at the home of front man Dennis Edwards of the Temptations or to spend weekends over Uncle Charles Wright of the Watts 103 Street Rhythm band’s house, or even get a knock on the door from Mr. Willie Hutch. Robbie’s first photo shoot was at the tender age of 4 months by Mr. Lamont Mc Lemore, one of the founding members of the acclaimed musical group The Fifth Dimensions. 

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History of – Paul Tilman Smith……So Far

This is a song I wrote for my very young wife in the seventies when we were just learning how to get along called “LISTEN”. The first lyrics start off like this, “Listen to Me, Your hearts Not Free”. Of course today I’m the one who’s discovered I ain’t free, she free! Norman Connors version  below features John Coltrane’s pianist McCoy Tyner’s sax man Gary Bartz who now lives in  Oakland. Good luck Gary!
Norman had the bomb band in those days. Norman’s got a great new album coming soon and guess what, he say.  (Paul can I have 3 of your songs?, U got hits! ) No I don’t Norman, them Hip Hoppers &  Rappers got hits, all we got is, “Can’t Quit”. Uh Oh Norman I forgot! I like me and Freddie Hughs version of “Listen” better,lol. By the way, this is the song that Donny Hathaway was on the way to the studio to record for Norman when Donnie’s manager called and demanded twice as much money.

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Erica Falls & Vintage Soul “Up” / “Making Of Love”

“Up” / “Making Of Love”

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP105 
Release Date: Friday 10th May 2024  
Format:  7’ Vinyl

UP by New Orleans songstress Erica Falls is considered by discerning real soul heads to be one of the finest soul tracks from last year.
From the intro and opening line ‘Baby take me for a ride on your magic carpet. 747 glide through the clouds, baby be my pilot….’ you just know UP is going to be special. The incredible soulful vocals ascend in harmony until reaching the apex, and if you don’t want to come down, simply play it again – It’s ‘classic in the making’ tag ensures freshness upon multiple listens!

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The Shades Of Brown 

“Searchin’ For Love” / “Black Woman” / “Teasin’ Woman” /“Girl In The Streets”

In 1969, a transformation in Albina was underway. Displaced by the Vanport flood two decades prior, an influx of Black residents had settled in the area after redlining practices among the city’s realty boards provided few other options. A local economy among Albina’s Black residents had flourished for a time, but soon declined due to chronic disinvestment by the city’s elites. As with many urban centers in America, the impending ghetto-ization of the neighborhood developed as the civil rights movement was in full swing. And the citizens of Albina had something to say about it. 

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Micky Gynn – Soulful Football

Soulful Football Update: 28/04/2024

Heart To Heart  “Tuff” (Raven Records) LP 1982
Although this once obscure album, was a real, collectors dream, in 2015, it got an official reissue. Why pay £1000 for an original, when you can get it for £50. The original, I would say, always sounds so much better though. Lol.
A soul group, out of,  Atlanta, Georgia. The standout tune on this 1982 album, Nowhere, To Go, is superb. My type of early 80s midtempo soul. Also, on the album is another mellow tune, Never, make A Believer of Me, which was also released as a 45.
These fabulous local labels, with this gem, out of Dothan, Alabama keep the soul world ticking along.

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Williams Brothers 

“That’s Life” / “Rap On”  

Label: Epsilon Records Co
Catalogue Number: EPS 030 
Release Date: Friday 10th May 2024
Format: 7’ Vinyl

The Exciting Williams Brothers Band got their start by their father and mother Mr Roscoe Williams Sr. and Mrs Esther Maude Walker Williams in the late 60’s.
They started out in Gospel music like their father and family of brothers before them whom you will see photos of “The Original Williams Brothers” throughout this site from time to time.

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“Trouble, Trouble” / “Something Wonderful” / “Love Is the Way” 

Label: Soul Direction Records
Catalogue Number: SD021  
Release Date: Tuesday7th 2024 Available to Order – Monday 29th May 2024 
Format: 7’ Vinyl

Available for the first time on vinyl courtesy of Emandolynn Music & Manny Campbell. 

Emandolynn Music did release the tracks, but in digital format only. This prompted Soul Direction to strike a deal to license the tracks for a 7” vinyl release and believed that showcasing all 3 tracks together was the perfect package. This being the way it was meant to be released. 

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Lawrence Beamen

“Thinking Of You” / “Been A Long Time”

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP100 
Release Date: 8th March 2024  
Format:  7’ Vinyl

Izipho Soul Records are incredibly proud to announce our 100th 7” vinyl single!

The unsurpassable bass-baritone voice of Lawrence Beamen originally recorded Think Of You in 2008. After years of pleas for a vinyl release; it’s finally here and sounding fresher than ever. The 7 remix has added a magic touch and beefed up this classic even further!

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Lady Lois Snead

“I Found Out” / “Until We Learn”

Label: Divine Chords Recordings
Catalogue Number: DCR001
Release Date: Expected 1st March 2024
Format: 7′ Vinyl

Divine Who are thrilled to announce an exciting collaborative release with the legendary gospel artist, Lady Lois Snead for the brand new year!
We’re launching 2024 with this back-to-back double sided slice of audio dynamite, available on collectable, limited edition 7” single. It’s primed and packed tight with goodness to spiritualize your club session for the more discerning dance floors around the globe.

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“Take This Love Of Mine” / “Precious, Precious”

Label: Soul4Real Records
Catalogue Number: S4R34
Release Date: 1st March 2024  
Format: 7’ Vinyl

With the collapse of Stax Records, The Staple Singers signed with Warner Bros in 1975, leading to a brief and fruitful collaboration with Curtis Mayfield. Their first work, the OST ‘Let´s Do It Again’, became the Staples’ all-time best seller. Such was the success that the major decided that Mayfield would also produce their next work, ‘Pass It On’, in 1976.

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“I Can’t Do Enough For You Baby” / “Hold On (To What We’ve Got)”

Label: Soul4Real Records
Catalogue Number: S4R33
Release Date: 1st March 2024  
Format: 7’ Vinyl

Tommy was born in 1945 in Homestead, Florida, and after his first foray into music in a church choir, he launched his secular recording career in Jackson, Mississippi, working mostly with Tim Whitsett and his Imperial Showband in the latter half of the 1960s. After a short stint with the Nightingales, he signed with KoKo in 1971 and had six impressive singles released, followed by records on Sundance, Juana and Urgent Records.

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