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Soul Discovery Radio Show 18/6/22

Mike Jimenez “Someday we’ll get by” (Tower Records)
E.R.I.C. “Never gonna give you up”
Kim Tibbs “Where would I be without you” (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
The Harlem Gospel Travelers “Look up” (Colemine Records) LP
Michon Young “Say what you mean” (MY)
Tyra Levone “Changes”  (TL)
Funk Junction “Let’s try again”(Epsilon Records Co.) 7’
The Enterains “I’ll Answer you with love” (Soul Junction Records) 7’
Jessie Fisher “I can’t stop loving you” (SOJAMM) 7’
Sugaray Rayford “Don’t regret a mile” (Blind Faith Records) LP
Charles Williams “What am I supposed to do” (CW)
Charles Williams “So very hard to go” (CW)
Joe Graham “Higher than high (Kent Records)
The Exportations  “Second time around” (Kent Records)
Roz Ryan “Put love back” (7th Galaxy Records) 7’
Tyra Levone “Can’t love no more” – Remix (TL)
Jerry Wilder “This time it’s love” (BMI)
Ruby Winters “If only had (meet sooner)” (Creative Soul) 7’
Floyd Beck “Got to be a man” (F&M) 7’
The Compacts “That’s how y world began” (Hit&Run) 7’
The Imports “I’m not ashamed of loving you” (Remined) 7’
Melanie Burke “I can’t turn you down” (Kent Records)
Phillip Mitchell “I’ll see you in hell first” (Kent Records)
Dutch Robinson “EGO” (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
Michon Young “Try me” (MY)Norman Feels “Don’t” (Soul Direction Records) 7’
Mark Murphy “Sunday in New York  (Muse) LP
Mark Murphy “Maiden Voyage” (Muse) LP

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Evette Busby

Evette has been singing since she could talk, but professionally for a little over 20 years. She started singing in her church choir at Hopewell Missionary Baptist church in Houston Texas. It is there where her 1st band leader discovered her in church and convinced her to join his band. Since then she has become “Houston’s Best Kept Secret”. 

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The Entertains

“I’ll answer you with love”/ “Your love I give it up”

Label: Soul Junction Records
Catalog: SJ547  
Release Date: Monday June 20th 2022
Format: 7’ Vinyl  

The Entertains were a vocal group from Cleveland Ohio whose line up at different times varied between four to five members. Initially signed to Belkin Productions in Cleveland the group were persuaded by Nick Holiday to move to his Pittsburgh Steel Town Records Label. The group had already been working on two songs penned by C-Way Productions Richard Calloway who had strong links with Cleveland through his work with Jesse Fisher and Lester Johnson at Way Out Records.

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Sugaray Rayford

A chance meeting in Memphis laid the groundwork for a unique musical partnership between soul-blues powerhouse Sugaray Rayford and producer, songwriter Eric Corne. Combining classic soul melodies with funky R & B grooves, raw blues power, and mashed up with modern sensibilities, the pair’s first collaboration, Somebody Save Me, earned Rayford a 2020 Grammy nomination while later that year he took home Blues Music Awards for ‘Soul Blues Male Artist’ and ‘B.B. King Entertainer of the Year.’ 

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Back in what now feels like a golden period in music and creativity, in the 1970s, many bands were formed by students. It almost seems like so many people could either sing, play, dance or write songs! This was also the case of several Woodland High School students in New York, who created Newban with fellow classmates.

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Durand Jones & The Indications

“Power to the people” /“Never heard ’em say” 

Label:  Colemine Records 
Release Date: 4th April 2022Format:  7’
Event: Record Store Day 
Quantity: 1900
Release type: RSD Exclusive Release

“This 45 marks the label’s 100th 45 and what better way to celebrate it than with a 45 from arguably our most prominent artist, Durand Jones & The Indications. This mix of “Power To The People” was the first new recording by the band after their self-titled album had been released. I distinctly remember hearing it for the first time and just feeling like we were hearing the next phase for the guys. I was behind the counter at Plaid Room, with my laptop plugged into the speakers so we could listen. There was no one in the store, just Bob and I. And when it finished playing Bob said, “Where can I pre-order?”
So what you’re hearing on this 45 is the original demo mix that was sent to us, with little to no reverb on Durand’s vocals, a marching band kick drum in the mix, and no synth. Something about the dry falsetto vocal of Durand’s voice made it feel like he was right in your ear. Such a special recording to all us. ….Terry Cole – Colemine Records

Oliver James

“One and only”/“But for the love” 

Label:  Colemine Records 
Catalog: CLMN-202
Release Date: 25th March 2022
Format:  7’

Oliver James is a time capsule. Raised in a family of musicians and a man who has been performing live since he was a child, Oliver comes to his love of soul music in a most honest and authentic way. Growing up listening to gospel, blues, and R&B from the classic early Stax era, his influences as a musician, songwriter, and producer are clear. After a stint working as a songwriter for Rick Hall, Mr. James is now set to start his own career. Producing, editing, mixing, and performing completely to tape, Oliver makes his mark with his debut single “One And Only” on Colemine Records.  Terry Cole