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Bobby Barnes

‘Super high on your love’ / ‘I´ve had my share (of loving you)’

Label: Soul4Real Records – Catalog: S4R14 – Release Date: May 2021 – Format: 7’

Two previously unreleased tracks from the vaults of Raina Records. Produced and arranged by Lewis Carroll. “I´ve Had My Share (Of Loving You)” is an unheard version from 1984 and “Super High On Your Love” a lost recording from 1977.

The Tom – Emmanuel and Ron Experience

‘Why (the knower)’ / ‘When you lose your groove’

Label: Acid Jazz Records Catalog: AJX580S Release Date: 7th May 2021 Format: 7’

John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Eric Dolphy, Duke Ellington and Art Blakey all feature in the story of percussionist and bandleader Emmanuel K Rahim, who had previously been known as Juan Adalbert. This somewhat obscure musician built up a substantial body of work in the 1960s and early 70s before moving to Denmark for the second chapter in his life.

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Alberto Zanini (preface by Antonio Bacciocchi, translated by Mark Windle)

In addition to the story of a professional rebirth in difficult circumstances, this book contains everything you could ask for in a modern on the road adventure between present times and distant past. You will read words like Funk, Motown, and Philly, or artist’s names like Lonnie Liston Smith, Gil Scott Heron and The Drifters. You will meet unknown artists, wonderful characters, ordinary and unique at the same time; instruments from another era such as the Revox, magnetic tapes, Sound Burgers and ribbon microphones. Yes, there is music, but there are also Art, History, Metropolitan Ghettos, Emotions and even the Italian American mafia, in a tasty cocktail from which it is impossible to separate.


Gail Lou

‘I still love’ /‘Instrumental’ 

Label: Tesla Groove International / Cannonball Records / 4Quarti Catalog: QQT004 – Release Date: May 2021 – Format: 7’

A pumping ground-to-air dance missile written and produced at the dawn of the new  century by a duo with some huge music background. Hailing from Montclair State University, Gail Lou is an acclaimed performer, musical director and vocal coach. Her vocal performances in Tri-State’s recording sector, as both lead singer and background vocalist, span from R&B, Gospel, Jazz, to Soul and electronic Dance.

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Coco Collier

‘Here Comes The Rain’ / ‘Instrumental’ 

Label: Tesla Groove International / Cannonball Records / 4Quarti Catalog: TSL011 – Release Date: May 2021 – Format: 7’

The amazing singer from our best selling artists duo The Swans of New England delivers this stunning soul take on the Eurithmycs classic from the 80’s givin’ evidence that soul music can turn everything from average limestone bricks to precious gold bars.

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Steve Mancha

‘That’s Why I Love you’

Label: Tesla Groove International / Cannonball Records / 4Quarti Catalog: CBLL033 – Release Date: May 2021 – Format: 7’

Here we go with another little number within our Detroit series. There’s not much more we can say about Steve Mancha and his career that was not not already said by folks way more knowledgeable than us in the scene. Just the little detail about this one, which was recorded short after he left Motown to work with Don Davis after several troubled attempts to hit the charts with quite a few songs and performing combos.

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Preservation Project 010 Unknown Artist

‘How do you do what you do’/‘Tell me’

Label: The Preservation Project – Catalog: PP010 – Release Date: 9th April 2021 – Format: 7’

Thick and funky as the swamps of Louisiana, PP-010 is a double-sider with plenty of Soul. Both sides of this wicked 7″ are credited to an Unknown Artist. Signs point to this being Dennis Landry, but we just can’t confirm this as we go to press. “How Do You Do What You Do” on Side A is a Funk number with a hot pants intro bubbling bass, and a funky breakdown. Lots of fun, and super danceable. Although it’s hard to pick a side on this 7″, the ballad “Tell Me” may just be the winner. This track has it all – starting slow and building, falsetto, screaming and wailing, and heartfelt lyrics about trying to convince a woman to love the singer and not another man.


‘There must be peace for me’ / ‘I never thought I’d be losing you’ 

Label: Hit & Run Records – Catalog: HR1528 – Release Date: Out Now – Format: 7’

The 2nd of our 2 45s of Marvin’s unreleased 70s Chicago productions. ‘A’ side here is the very in-demand side, previously known only by the Richard Searling acetate which has built quite a reputation over the last 30 years; the flip is Marvin’s brilliant and better original version of the Major Lance 45 on Soul.