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“All Men Don’t Love The Same/Believe It”   (Soul Junction SJ542) 7′

Catalog: SJ542
Release Date: 17th August 2020

Soul Junction’s involvement with Elbowed-Out stretches as far back as 2012 when during the licensing of the hugely popular Oliver Cheatham release “Don’t Pop The Question (If You Can’t Take The Answer), we were first introduced to Detroiter William . R. Miller (Bill) the songs producer and Oliver’s cousin.

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Play-List 6/7/20

Gregory Porter / Ahmend Sirour “1960 What” (Remix 2020)
Larose Jackson “How did get here” (Daptone Records) 7’
Jimi Tenor “Sugar and spice” (Philophon) 7’
Impulse “I really love you”(Kandi) 7′
Richard Marks “Don’t take it out on me” (NowAgain records LP)
Sharon McMahan “I had no choice” (Hayley) 7’
The Harlem Gospel Travelers “Nothing but his love” (Colemine Records)
Helen Merrill “Vera cruz” (Inner City) LP
Darrell Banks “It’s Not Fair To Me” (Cannonball) 7′
Rance Allen Group “Peace of mind” (Capitol Records LP)
Creation Station “Can’t you see” (Rocking Horse Records) LP
Carmichael Musiclover “Lifeline” (Special Edit)
Dutch Robinson “EGO” (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
Living Funk “Fool’s Love” (Symphonical) LP
Mellow Madness Band “I see it comimg” (Balto-Soul Records)
The Sounds of San Francisco Christian Center “Joy” (Cultures Of Soul) LP
William Becton “Be Encouraged” (2020 Mix)
Ray Alexander Technique “I don’t bite” (NowAgain Records) LP
Taste Of Love “Love meditation” (Symphonical) LP
Sound of SuperBad “I want’ cha” (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
Ray Alexander Technique “Taking the long way home” (NowAgain Records) LP
K. Avett “Time won’t wait” (K.Avett Music Group)
Walter Jackson “Forget the girl” (Kent)
The Albert “One Life” (Perception Records) LP
Willie Scott The Birmingham Spirituals “Keep your faith to the sky” (Luaka Bop) LP
Richard Marks “Speak now” (NowAgain records LP)
Black Soul Express “When I left you” (Black Soul Express Records) 7’
Matthew Halsall & The Gondwana Orchestra feat. Josephine Oniyama
“Badder Weather” (Gondwana Records) 7’
Lady Blackbird “Blackbird” (Foremost Poets 2020 Remix)

Great news!

Soul Discovery will be broadcasting again from the website, starting from… 8th July 2020 and every fortnight thereafter!

The essential ingredient that has made Soul Discovery a success is its passion.

The show’s passion and dedication to its music, artists, producers and record labels make it not only unique but involving, enabling listeners to really absorb themselves, tapping into their emotions and taking them on discoveries of their own. The show incorporates exclusive tunes and interviews in the sub-genres of Gospel, upfront soul & R&B, whilst dipping into forgotten gems and unearthing the new and the rare.

Sharon McMahan

“Be thankful 4 what u got (Boomin’ in the back)”

Im delighted to present my latest contribution……..

As a writer, I always enjoy recording my own songs. But this time around, I felt a real connect with the lyrics and expressions from this soulful seventies sound!  So much so, til I put pen to paper and added a few lines of my own………hope you enjoy listening! 

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“I Really Love You/Get The Funk Off My Back”   (Kandi) 7′

Release Date: Now Out

Impulse were (and are still in the main) a group of Milwaukee, Wisconsin musicians who during the 1970’s worked as the backing and touring band for another Milwaukee group The Quadraphonics , who during 1974, recorded a solitary 45 single  “Betcha If You Check It Out/Prove My Love To You”  for the Carl Davis/E. Rodney Jones owned Innovation II Record label. The Quadraphonics 45 would also land a subsequent national distribution on the major Warner Brothers label. The original members of Impulse were Michael Reese (Rhodes Piano and background vocals), Cedrick Rupert (Lead and Rhythm guitar), Jeffrey Williamson (Drums and background vocals) and Robin Gregory (Bass and background vocals).The band would later be joined by John Gee as their lead singer and fellow songwriter. John Gee had begun performing secular music in the late 60’s with another Milwaukee oufit, The Chefs, as their original lead singer from 1967 through to his departure in 1972. 

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The Tigers Den

“North East Groove”/ “North East Dub” (4/4 Quattroquarti Records) 7″

What’s the point of running a label if you don’t open it up to homies? Leave exclusivity to posh people, inclusion is the word. Pordenone is a small town in the North East of Italy at the heart of what EU calls “Corridor 5” which is the complex road network linking the italian peninsula with the Balkan regions and Austria.

Catalog: QQT003A
Release Date: July 2020
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Darrell Banks (Cannonball) 7′

Catalog: CBLL030
Release Date: End of July 2020
Darrell Banks “It’s Not Fair To Me”(Atlantic Recording Sessions New York 12/26/1967)
Acetate Demo + 2020 Version + Instrumental3 tracks 7”/45rpm – Core Black Vinyl

Darrell Banks’ Atlantic Boxing Day 1967 sessions were thought of being lost forever,not even the historical archive of Atlantic Studios kept records of it. This song was recorded the same day and place of Aretha Franklin sessions in New York and for some reasons the masters went lost for decades.Although we are beyond 40 releases across the 3 labels, here we are at the milestone of #30 on our main outfit Cannonball Records. We just wanted to celebrate it with one special release.

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The Harlem Gospel Travelers

“Nothing but is love” (Colemine Records) 7′

Catalog: S4R11
Release Date: 15th June 2020

The sixth week of our Brighter Days Ahead campaign, in which we will be releasing a new track from the Colemine label group every Friday until the end of summer 🙂 And each week, all the Bandcamp sales of that track during the first week go directly to the band.

This week, we’re back with a new Harlem Gospel Travelers track! It’s a bright little ray of sunshine with a catchy little hook. Hope ya dig it!

The Masqueraders

“Make me think you love me” / “When trouble calls” (Soul4Real) 7′

Catalog: S4R11
Release Date: 15th June 2020

The celebrated history of the Masqueraders has given us two of soul music’s most memorable recordings with “I Ain’t Got To Love Nobody Else” and “I’m Just An Average Guy”. Through the years they have left us many classic gems that are heavily sought after by collectors and some that have yet to be mined.

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