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Ronn Matlock

When I was a singer for Warner/Atlantic/Cotillion Records, I only recorded one album, “Love City,” which produced and co-written by the legendary Michael Stokes, but now I..m more into writing and production… Some artists that I have written for that you may know are: Keith Barrow, Shirley Caesar, Eddie Kendrick of the Temptations, Paul Williams of the Temptations, Posse, Bobby Taylor of Bobby Taylor the Vancouvers, Millie Scott, Conquest, and many others have recorded tunes of mine… I also had the pleasure of producing sessions featuring the famed Motown Funk Brothers rhythm section… Done sessions at some of Detroit’s most legendary recording studios, including The Sound Suite; United Sound; Pac 3; Super Disc; Cloudborn; Motown Studio A and The Pit. I’ve been very lucky in my associations… My first professional writing collaboration was done at Motown with a guitarist named Ricky Matthews, who later changed his name to the more memorable Rick James…

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Betty Wright

Brown. Bubbly, and effervescent. A blast from the past straight to the present. Singer, songwriter,producer extraordinare. The realest of the real og’s. Jits beware.

Betty Wright is a soul and R&B singer with deep gospel roots. She influenced a generation of female singer-songwriters and continues to influence the world of hip hop, who sample some of her more famous material

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Bobby Manuel

Bobby Manuel is a legendary Artist/ Guitarist/Producer/Engineer and Composer known for laying the Groove down.

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Stuart Cosgrove-Detroit 67

Due to the recent release of the hit movie ‘Detroit’ (2017) directed by Kathryn Bigelow, starring John Boyega and Will Poulter, I have republished the podcast which was recorded two years ago. The podcast includes an interview with Stuart Cosgrove, the author of ‘Detroit *67’ which references the events that occurred.

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