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Antonis Lioumis
I am writing from Athens, Greece, where soul music is almost a non-existing genre. Following you from Solar era, you cannot understand how much happy you made me with your come back. Needless to say you’re my #1 DJ.
No-one can make this blend and create the mood as you do.

Thank you so much!!!!

Ray Brown…..Northampton
I kept looking for you Mick after you left solar radio and at last I have found you sunshine in the gloom of the virus. As wonderful as ever

Mark Swanson….UK
Welcome back Mick, I missed your show and musical taste. I share the passion you have for quality soul music and am glad your back. I really enjoy your show and how you give quality soul music and soul artists the exposure they do not get elsewhere. Hope you are well and take care.

Sean Truman…UK
Hi Mick just wanna say we are still playing your Mixcloud podcasts from 2008 and just like to say you were so ahead of your time playing your selections we play your music all day long and they still sound fresh , not sure what your doing now on the radio but you need to come back , quality music with a capital Q Fantastic hope you get this message

Peter Churchill….Stockholm Sweden
I’ve been Collecting and listening to soul for 40 years, I’ve listened to your show for many years and it just gets better, you just Keep finding tracks that blow me away for ex Karan Clarke “He loves me” Willie Hutch, “I can sho can give love” Sandra Richardson, Madeleine Bell etc, I’m hard to please but you just about knock it on the Head for me. I was a regular tourer in the 80s seeing and enjoying all the top artist , Jean Carn, Maze, Patti, Shirley Brown, Bobby Womack, Barry W, Incognito, PAZ the amazing Jazz Q, LSG, Gladys, Luther V and many more amazing gigs with a lot of goosebumps and fantastic memories.
Them times are difficult too experience again but that doesn’t mean theres not a lot off quality top soul artist out there today, its just a big act to follow.

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