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Lynn Davis

Lynn Davis is finally stepping back into the spotlight. After four decades of singing background for icons like George Duke, Marvin Gaye, Chaka Khan, and Stevie Wonder, Lynn is reintroducing her high-reaching, warm, vocal range to the world. As one of the most recorded session singers in the music industry, Lynn Davis has musical credits that goes around your neighborhood block at least five times. She has written songs for Patrice Rushen, Tracie Spencer, Thomas Anders, and LaToya Jackson, just to name very few.

Starting her career at the age of seventeen as one of the vocalists in the George Duke Band led by the iconic George Duke, Lynn Davis performed before hundreds of thousands of people and toured worldwide. “The addition of Lynn Davis made a huge difference in what I was able to write. I composed with the band in mind, utilizing each of their personal musical strengths.” says George Duke. Lynn’s vocal talent afforded her the opportunity to record a song that became one of their signature hits “I Want You for Myself” (1979). The song became a top-charting single that remains a well-known funky classic to date. She continued recording by performing with R&B group Twennynine. As the featuring female vocalist for their second album “Best of Friends”, their mainstream success invited them the opportunity to perform on American Bandstand.

During a recording session with Lalo Schifrin, Lynn was introduced to singer/pianist Patrice Rushen of whom she would go on to write and produce songs for. Collaborating on Rushen’s many songs, Lynn’s voice can be heard on “Look Up”, “Where There Is Love”, “This Is All I Really Know”, and Rushen’s highest-charting single “Forget Me Nots”. After becoming the talk of the R&B music industry, she began recording on albums by Stanley Turrentine, Greg Phillinganes, Sheree Brown, The Brothers Johnson, Billy Preston & Syreeta Wright, all of which happened in 1981.

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Mbaji and BackHouse Nation

Eddie Kendricks “Let yourself go” / Donald Byrd “Think twice” / “Fallin’ Like Dominoes”
Backhouse Nation “More love” / Work it out” / Now and forever” / “Still have love” / “Thousand times” “I want you to know” / “Still” / “Ice cold”

BackHouse Nation was founded by Writer/Producer Mbaji. His music has been  recorded by some of the  biggest names in the industry like The SOS Band, Donald Byrd, Eddie Kendricks Erykha Badu and J Dilla. His music is a mix of R&B, Jazz, Funk and Pop. He has been sampled by Ice Cube, Tribe Called Quest, Will Smith and DJ  Jazzy Jeff, De La Soul and Wycleff John. Mbaji started as a lyricist and his very first published song was Let Yourself Go recorded on the Tamala label by former Tempations lead singer Eddie Kendricks.

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Chelly “K”

“How’z everything in your house” / “My funny valentine” / “Pinch me” / “Stick & stay” / “Thorough it all” /
“Caught up”

Michell Latrice Lewis, a.k.a. Chelly K is a native Detroiter who started her career at the age of five with her father (Joseph Norris) who was a Motown Personal sound technician for The Temptations. Chelly’s first performance was at Kennedy square in the Downtown Detroit Area. Her credits include: Background vocals for Melvin Van Peoples, and Luther Ingram. She has also opened hows for Marlena Shaw, Marion Meadows, The Temptations’ Review, and The Spinners. Chelly’s has also performed with Freestyle, The Gordon Camp Band, The V.I.P’s, he Teddy Harris Jr. Band, The Harold McKinney Band and the great Rudy Robinson. 

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Evette Busby

Evette has been singing since she could talk, but professionally for a little over 20 years. She started singing in her church choir at Hopewell Missionary Baptist church in Houston Texas. It is there where her 1st band leader discovered her in church and convinced her to join his band. Since then she has become “Houston’s Best Kept Secret”. 

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Sugaray Rayford

A chance meeting in Memphis laid the groundwork for a unique musical partnership between soul-blues powerhouse Sugaray Rayford and producer, songwriter Eric Corne. Combining classic soul melodies with funky R & B grooves, raw blues power, and mashed up with modern sensibilities, the pair’s first collaboration, Somebody Save Me, earned Rayford a 2020 Grammy nomination while later that year he took home Blues Music Awards for ‘Soul Blues Male Artist’ and ‘B.B. King Entertainer of the Year.’ 

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E.R.I.C. (Extra Rich In Class)

The performing alter ego of soul man ERIC HARRIS. Eric works out of New Jersey and his recorded legacy consists of a series of themed EPs which evoke the spirit of the classic soul of artists like Luther Vandross, Bill Withers and Barry White.

In 2008 E.R.I.C. released his first EP entitled “Drama” under Extra Rich In Class Publishing which is an affiliate of SESAC. E.R.I.C. wrote all the lyrics and music on the Drama EP. It was well received especially in the U.K. where it was noticed by Phil Driver of Soul Unsigned Records. E.R.I.C. was signed with the U.K. group and the song “Queen” from the EP was incorporated on their compilation called Contemporary Soul Songs Book II. E.R.I.C.2011 EP entitled “Groove” had two singles, the title track Groove and Betcha Didn’t Know, were release in the U.K. and very well received. 

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Eleanore Mills

Eleanore Mills is a versatile New York based recording artist known for her seductive sound, powerful performances, and the uncanny ability to manoeuvre musically through a myriad of genres, including Broadway and jingles. As a child, her exposure to Gospel, Soul, and Jazz fuelled and fostered her natural talent and performing skills. With the release of her album, This is Eleanore Mills, she gained the attention of Jazz/Soul impresario Norman Connors, who asked her to sing lead vocals on his albums, This Is Your Life and Romantic Journey. Mills was also chosen as a background vocalist for the Roberta Flack featuring Donny Hathaway album, which included the revered club staples “You Are My Heaven” and “Back Together Again”

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Kim Tibbs

What some may call “Luck” others call DESTINY…​ 

Since birth, Kim Tibbs has been honing her craft…Crediting her late father, Pastor Robert L. Tibbs for her musical ability, Kim has over thirty years of musical experience as an accomplished Arranger, B-3 Organist, Keyboardist, Lyricist, Pianist, Producer, and Songwriter. Kimberly is currently an Endorsed Hammond Artist with Hammond Organ Company USA, a Roland Artist with Roland Corporation US, a Peavey Artist with Peavey Amplifiers USA, and a Slick Audio Recording Artist; as well as a Staff Writer for the Songs of Love Foundation; Kimberly is also a Council Member of the Board of Advisers in the College of Arts located at J.C. Calhoun Community College. Kimberly holds a Bachelors of Arts and Science in Business Administration, Double Masters Degrees in Organizational Leadership and Masters of Business in Public Administration as well as currently working on a Doctorate of Business Administration in Leadership. Kim is also a Fashion Designer. Her fashion specializes in one of a kind bold, eclectic, and unique hand-crafted pieces ranging from women’s fashions to household goods.​ 

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Lorraine Feather was born in Manhattan. Her parents named her Billie Jane Lee Lorraine after godmother Billie Holiday, her mother Jane formerly a big band singer, her mother’s ex room-mate Peggy Lee, and the song “Sweet Lorraine.” She is the daughter of the late jazz writer Leonard Feather. The Feathers moved to L.A. when Lorraine was 12 at 18, after two years as a theatre arts major at L.A. City College, she returned to New York to pursue an acting career.

Listen to  “Waiting Tables”
Some touring, off-Broadway work and the Broadway show Jesus Christ Superstar followed, interspersed with countless waitressing jobs up and down Manhattan’s West Side. Frequently out of work, and discouraged by more than one restaurateur from pursuing a career in the food service industry, Lorraine decided to try singing. She began working with various jazz and Top 40 bands in and around New York. She sang backup for Petula Clark and Grand Funk Railroad, and finally put her own act together, eventually moving back to L.A., where she sang at local jazz clubs. Soon after, she joined producer Richard Perry’s vocal trio Full Swing and recorded three albums with the group.

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Paul Tillman Smith

A Small Sample of Paul’s Work

When your father hands you a pair of drumsticks at the age of four, chances are you’ll wind up a drummer. Paul Tillman Smith’s father, George Smith (Kansas City Smitty) played drums during the big band era with many well-known bands including Count Basie, Trummer Young and the Harlem Aces. He was also a mentor to singer Pearl Bailey‘s husband drummer Louie Bellson. 

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Tanqueray Hayward

“Standing all alone” (Realm Remix)  / “This thing” /”This kind of love”/ “Say yes”/”Reflections” / “Can’t Imagine’

Born in Philadelphia, music was calling Tanqueray Hayward name from a very early age. Getting her first taste for the musical spotlight, Hayward started singing in church. Like many legendary singers before her, most notably: Whitney Houston, Patti LaBelle, and Aretha Franklin, the church provides the basics for soul singers when learning breath control, tone and confidence.

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Estee Pierce

“Spoil you”/ “Celebrate you”/ “Just call me”/ “Trying to forget you”

Estee Pierce I was born in Fayetteville,NC
While my father was in the Army he never took us overseas but we did live up and down the east coast of the U.S, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania.I currently call Hampton, Va home.

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Teri Tobin

There are layers to award-winning, soul singer/songwriter Teri Tobin.  Each layer reveals a lusher depth, a more meaningful experience, an expressive passion and an abiding generosity, in Tobin’s music and womanhood.  All of who Tobin is and what she’s lived through comes through her testimonial verses and agile instrument. 

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Ortheia Barnes

Despite never having a major national hit record, the late great Ortheia Barnes-Kennerly is one of Detroit, MI’s most beloved singers. She started singing in church, made some solo singles, and toured with Motown artists, though she never signed with the label. Barnes has enjoyed a full career, but unlike J.J. Barnes, her older brother, it hasn’t been scrutinized much, and a chronological discography of her work does not exist.

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Michon C. Young

Michon C. Young is a proud native of Gary, Indiana.  She has resided in Michigan for several years and considers Detroit, MI her second hometown.

A gifted psalmist and song writer, Michon has been singing and writing since the age of 12. Michon started her professional musical career by being hand selected by Pastor Marvin L.Winans to sing background on his debut concert in Detroit, Michigan for the release of his 1st solo CD, “Alone but Not Alone”.  She has traveled extensively singing background for Pastor Winans and was honored to sing a duet with him at the Grand Opening of Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta, Georgia. 

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