Mbaji and BackHouse Nation

Eddie Kendricks “Let yourself go” / Donald Byrd “Think twice” / “Fallin’ Like Dominoes”
Backhouse Nation “More love” / Work it out” / Now and forever” / “Still have love” / “Thousand times” “I want you to know” / “Still” / “Ice cold”

BackHouse Nation was founded by Writer/Producer Mbaji. His music has been  recorded by some of the  biggest names in the industry like The SOS Band, Donald Byrd, Eddie Kendricks Erykha Badu and J Dilla. His music is a mix of R&B, Jazz, Funk and Pop. He has been sampled by Ice Cube, Tribe Called Quest, Will Smith and DJ  Jazzy Jeff, De La Soul and Wycleff John. Mbaji started as a lyricist and his very first published song was Let Yourself Go recorded on the Tamala label by former Tempations lead singer Eddie Kendricks.

He then expanded his talents by learning to write melodies and music. In the mid 70’s he was given the opportunity to have songs he co-wrote with his writing team Sigidi and Harold Clayton, recorded by jazz giant Donald Byrd. First would be Think Twice followed by super hit Fallin Like Dominoes. 

Both these songs wer highly sought out by the hip hp community and sampled by Ice Cube,  Fresh Prince and DJ Jazzy Jeff and Wycleff John. These songs also were covered by J Dilla Erykha Badu, The Philadelphia Experiment.

I would also like to acknowledge Clarence Avant, Larry and Fonce Mizell, Keg Johnson, Gregory Edenfield , Motown, Tabu and Blue Note records and most important Sigidi. Without them this journey would not have been possible.

Let Peace, Love and Harmony always be with you.