The Intruders 

“You’re My One & Only Baby” / “I’ve Got Love For You”

Label: Soul-Direction Records
Catalogue Number: SD015
Release Date: Mid/Late February 2023  
Format: 7”

The original group consisted of five members who formed in 1959. When that group broke up, Phil Terry joined three remaining members: Robert (Big Sonny) Edwards, Samuel (Little Sonny) Brown and Eugene Daughtry. “Little Sonny” and “Big Sonny” both worked at a barber shop on Ridge Avenue in North Philadelphia and called Main Line Record Distributor owner Barry Golder to hear the group sing over the phone. Barry sent his 19 year old brother Michael over to the barber shop to hear them audition, liked what he heard, and took the group to Reco Art Studios to record some tunes for his newly formed Gowen label.

 When their contract with Gowen Records expired, they signed with Benn-X Records / B&L productions in July 1963. Producers Frank Bendinelli and Leroy Lovett took the group to Sound Plus Studios and recorded “Dance Boy” / “Let’s Try It Again” for a possible single which never got beyond the acetate stage. 

We do know that During the winter of 1964 and early 1965, the Intruders recorded these songs for a possible single on Mercury: “I’ve Got Love For You” , “Ain’t I Good Enough For You” and “You’re My One & Only Baby” (written by B&L staff pianist / songwriter Leon Huff). When Mercury failed to come through with a recording contract, the group ended their relationship with B&L productions when their contract expired in July 1965. “You’re My One & Only Baby” and “I’ve Got Love For You” have been re-mastered and presented on 7” Vinyl as they should be thanks to Frank Bendinelli who agreed to allow Soul Direction to release these tracks. 

Licensed courtesy of Frank Bendinelli and released on Vinyl for the first time. 

Alan Kitchener (Soul-Direction)