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Running an independent record label certainly involves much work, stresses and strains, however an obsession for real soul music and rewarding the artists, along with raising their profiles is what inspires me to keep on keeping on!

Patrick Biggerstaff

Lawrence Beamen

“Thinking Of You” / “Been A Long Time”

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP100 
Release Date: 8th March 2024  
Format:  7’ Vinyl

Izipho Soul Records are incredibly proud to announce our 100th 7” vinyl single!

The unsurpassable bass-baritone voice of Lawrence Beamen originally recorded Think Of You in 2008. After years of pleas for a vinyl release; it’s finally here and sounding fresher than ever.The 7 remix courtesy of Don Turney at DKS Productions has added a magic touch and beefed up this classic even further!

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The New Lost Generation

“Thinkin’ Bout Cha” (Bringing Forth) / “You’ll Never Find Another Love Like Mine”

Label:  Izipho Soul Records 
Catalogue Number: ZP95 
Release Date: 26th January 2024 
Format: 7’

Legendary Chicago group The Lost Generation rebranded at the turn of the new millennium as The New Lost Generation, the lead track from their self titled album yielded “Thinkin’ Bout Cha”- an anthem on the Chicago Stepper scene and much admired by those in the know on the Modern Soul scene. The album version was over 12 minutes long – Now 7-inch friendly, we present The “Bringing Forth” Edit by Philip Ward who has weaved his magic, reconstructing the song and bringing forward Fred Simon’s spoken part to the intro, whilst including extra vocal acrobatic segments from lead vocalist Charles Jackson.

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Julian Jonah 

Julian Jonah Featuring: Dutch Robinson A-Side & Sugar Rainbow B-side “If You Wanna Know (What’s Missing)”

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP96
Release Date: November 2023
Format: 7’

We are proud to announce Julian Jonah’s highly anticipated follow up to last year’s Now’s The Time For Us b/w Coming Back For Your Lovin’. This time around there are two incredible versions of the same song – If You Waanna (Know What’s Missing) One featuring the lead vocals of Dutch Robinson, the other Sugar Rainbow.  Julian Jonah was originally known as one of the main producers and influencers of the early-house scene. He is now focussed on an early 80s U.S. styled soul / funk sound, reminiscent of labels such as Prelude.

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‘I Can’t Make It’ /‘I Can’t Stop Loving’ 

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP94
Release Date: 20th Oct 2023 
Format: 7’

IZIPHO SOUL in association with SOUL SESSION are extremely proud to present the 7” release of ALVAREZ’s ‘I Can’t Make It’ and ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’ – two exceptional pieces of previously unissued music, taken from the only known 1977 Columbia Promotional Test Pressing LP, courtesy of Tamas Bogyo (Soul Session). These tracks are from the same session that spawned the Polydor 7” ‘Sooner Or Later’, however the album never gained a release.

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Heart Soul & Inspiration

“I’m Gonna Love You More” (Parts 1 &2)

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP98
Release Date: 22nd September 2023 
Format: 7’

Mythical band ‘Heart-Soul & Inspiration’ and their band leader, L.A. drummer and producer Vince Howard cut their self-titled (and only) album in 1974 for the Los Angeles-based Viscojon label. The result was an astonishing collection of music filled with playful sexy moans, climaxing grooves and soulful hooks.

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Dwayne Scivally  

“Point O f No Return” / “So Good”  

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP97
Release Date: 22nd September 2023 
Format: 7’

We are delighted to announce our second 7” release with Nashville smooth soul man Dwayne Scivally.

Prior to his highly respected LPs with French music maestro Thomas G, Dwayne recorded an album in 2016 entitled ‘Stay Until The Morning’. The CD has virtual invisible status, with no sales documented on Discogs.

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Richard Hartley & Soul Resurrection 

“Jesus Makes Me Happy” / “Heart And Soul”

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP099
Release Date: August 2023 
Format: 7’

Izipho Soul Records are thrilled to announce the 7” release of the Modern Gospel Soul Banger  Jesus Makes Me Happy by Richard Hartley & Soul Resurrection – Presented on vinyl is ‘The Joyful Exaltation Edit’, this excludes the rap from the original version.

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‘You & me’ /‘Say We’ll Stay’

Label: Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue Number: ZP-93
Release Date: 9th June 2023  
Format: 7”

Legendary Memphis soul brothers William, Bertram and Randy Brown released an album under the group name TEN-63 entitled Facing The Music,it was published in 2009, but recorded sometime earlier. 
You & me  and our pick for the flip Say We’ll Stay   are beautifully constructed songs with each of the Brown brothers serving up a solo part, it cannot be denied their contrasting vocal styles and harmonies are supreme in the extreme!

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Izipho Soul Records February 2023

The original 1975 version on Roulette is a much loved classic, Ron Foster’s 1985 instrumental version is a completely different interpretation with a full 21+ orchestra and now it takes on a new identity with the original lead singer of Whirlwind, Sandi Everett, who recently recorded a new vocal – This composition’s 48 year journey is now fulfilled! On the flip we are proud to present Lee McDonald’s  “Let’s Play Luck”, a hidden gem from his iconic LP ‘Sweet Magic’; released on a 7” for the very first time and as an extended mix!

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Kim Tibbs


Label:  Izipho Soul Records
Release Date: 16th September 2022
Format Options: Red Double Vinyl (Limited Edition of 200 Copies) / Black Double Vinyl & CD.

Recorded at the legendary Royal Studios in Memphis, TN, USA and co-produced by Lawrence Boo Mitchell, son of the late great Willie Mitchell.Twenty five musicians played their part on this project and have created the most authentic 70s soul you will ever hear in 21st century music, attention to detail even went as far as retrieving Al Green’s microphone from the original Hi sessions to enhance that vintage sound!

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Kim Tibbs

“Where would I be without you ?”

Label:  Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue: ZP74
Release Date:  Out Now
Format: 7’

Question: How do you create a perfect newly recorded modern soul masterpiece that sounds authentically mid 70s?Answer: You have KIM TIBBS write, sing, play, produce and record it at the legendary Royal Studios in Memphis, TN. with Lawrence Boo Mitchell at the controls. 

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Bernadette Bascom

“I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love” / “Seattle Sunshine” (IZIPHO SOUL Records) 7’

Bernadette Bascom! We will be releasing the sublime piece of music: ‘I Don’t Wanna Lose Your Love’, this literally melts the hearts of those who have been blessed with gifted ears. The B side, the powerful ‘Seattle Sunshine’ is still Bernadette’s trademark song.
Paying homage to the 1981 7’’ single (with the original sides reversed) as well as being packaged in a gloss laminated sleeve, this record also contains an inlay card entitled: ‘Just Who Is Bernadette Bascom?’ which documents the story of this inspirational lady.

A donation from sales of this record will be made to The Music Project This is a charitable organisation, founded and headed up by Bernadette, which helps underprovided and vulnerable youth find a voice literally and figuratively.

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