Kim Tibbs

“Where would I be without you ?”

Label:  Izipho Soul Records
Catalogue: ZP74
Release Date:  Out Now
Format: 7’

Question: How do you create a perfect newly recorded modern soul masterpiece that sounds authentically mid 70s?Answer: You have KIM TIBBS write, sing, play, produce and record it at the legendary Royal Studios in Memphis, TN. with Lawrence Boo Mitchell at the controls. 

Add the most talented of musicians playing Fender Rhodes, Hammond Organ, four electric guitars, bass guitar, drums, percussion, trombone, trumpet, tenor saxophone, bari saxophone, four violins, two violas, a cello and four backing vocalists. The flip is cut at 33RPM so you can experience the full version in all it’s glory on a 7”!

Patrick Biggerstaff
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