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The plans for the label have grown and will be no doubt continue to grow and evolve as we go through the coming years. for now the next step is to bring good quality Original 45s to you all at great prices, after all MD Records is following in the footsteps of great Record Labels that issued some of the best music in the world, and which continues to gain fans and devotes of all ages and nationality’s. As a label we are going from strength to strength and there are some really exciting plans that are coming over the horizon… but more about those in a month or two.
So whether you came here looking for our newest releases, some great records at great prices, or to listen to some of the sound clips on tracks you don’t now or just love – we hope you enjoy your visit. Don’t forget we are continually getting new stock and bringing out new releases so bookmark us, or even sign up to the newsletter to make sure you don’t miss some great deals.
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Tommy Rodgers  

“United Hearts of America” / “Pass The Word”

“Give Me My Freedom” / “Tell It To The Wind”

Label: MD Records
Catalogue Number: MD122/ MD123 
Release Date: July 2023 
Format: 7’

Well, here we are now bringing out on two releases from the great Tommy Rodgers, a name many will know from his own musical prowess and that of his Brewster Crew association amongst others. These releases will each hold a never-before released A side backed with alt recordings of a released track. As usual they are remastered for today’s vinyl production methods by the great JJ at Goldenmastering, to bring the recordings back to life.

Next up we have ‘United hearts of America’ backed with ‘Pass the word’.  United Hearts is a powerful call to action song that captures the sentiment of time, seeking harmony and unity following the Detroit riots. Backing up this is the powerhouse of ‘Pass the word’ that just ignites as the needle flicks out of the ‘run in’ to the music.

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James Lately

“What you’re doing”

Label: MD Records
Catalogue: MD-120
Release Date: Sept
Format: 7’

Here you have the first release of the previously unissued version of the Johnnie Mae Mathews flip to ‘Two Sided Thing’ sung by James Lately. This was uncovered in the Pioneer vaults being digitised as part of the MD Pioneer project.
Interestingly we have also uncovered the original recording of the ‘Two Sided Thing’ which was also recorded at Pioneer Studios.

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Tomangoes ft The Gambrells

 “Love’s gotta hold on me” / “Since you’ve been gone”

Label: MD Records
Catalogue: MD-119
Release Date: Sept
Format: 7’

So, the story of the Tomangoes keeps growing and unfolding. For years it has been rumoured that the band may have been a studio band with Dusty Williams heading up on the vocals. MDs wor with Pioneer Studios has evidenced that there were in fact three members of the band; Claude ‘Dusty ‘Williams and two guys where we only currently have the names James and Lamar.  We are continuing our search for more information on this and will bring you the story in full as soon as we can. You can always keep up to date on the story as we publish in the Soul up North fanzine by Howard Earnshaw.

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Al Lindsey

“Ma Na Na” /Only you”

Label: MD Records
Catalogue:  MDRE033
Release Date:  June 2022
Format: 7’

Al is bringing the modern rare soul grove back to MD records with the title track. This is dedicated to his son Allen who sadly passed away in 2021. Al has thrown himself into his music and we think is coming back strongly with this release. He is looking to plan a trip to the UK to play some dates, but still in the planning stages at the moment so we can share anything yet.

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The Originals

‘Young train” / “Young Ideas” (MD Records)

Released in 1973 on a Motown Promotional only release to support the Mayoral election campaign of Coleman Young. The Originals consisted of C.P.Spencer, F.Gorman, W.Gaines and H.Dixon were known as Motown’s best kept secret and never really had the success they should have. In the third of the series, we move to 1973 Detroit. But to really appreciate the story of this release we first need to step back to 1969 when Richard Austin ran for Mayor of Detroit. This was a turning point for the city although Richard Austin was defeated at the general election it was becoming clear that the populace of Detroit wanted change.

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Mary Gresham

‘Use me’ / ‘Nobody’s going to turn me against you’

Label: MD Records – Catalog: IRSC GX3HE2100003 / ISRC GX3HE2100004 Release Date: End of April 2021 – Format: 7’

Mary, Jimmy Gresham’s sister, was recording for Fame, Broadway and Wishbone studios. These 2 tracks come from an album recorded in 1973 that did not see the light of day until 2008 on a CD release “Voice from the Shadows”. Despite some other tracks also making it onto 45 release from this labium, these 2 tracks never did. Mary is a full-on Southern Sister funk bomb on these outings, “Use me” is mean and moody, deep and funky, flip it over for something lighter but packs the soulful punch of a classic mid paced southern crossover dancer. She is still recording and playing to this day and expect to see more of her work on future MD releases.

Bottom and Company

‘You’re messing up a good thing’ / ‘I’m Sorry’

Label: MD Records – Catalog: IRSC GX3HE2100001 / ISRC GX3HE2100002 Release Date: End of April 2021 – Format: 7’

Following the discovery and purchase of a mixdown master tape for Wishbone Studio in Muscle Shoals, USA. Led to a search to talk to former studio owner Terry Woodford.

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