Izipho Soul Records February 2023

The original 1975 version on Roulette is a much loved classic, Ron Foster’s 1985 instrumental version is a completely different interpretation with a full 21+ orchestra and now it takes on a new identity with the original lead singer of Whirlwind, Sandi Everett, who recently recorded a new vocal – This composition’s 48 year journey is now fulfilled! On the flip we are proud to present Lee McDonald’s  “Let’s Play Luck”, a hidden gem from his iconic LP ‘Sweet Magic’; released on a 7” for the very first time and as an extended mix!

“You know sometimes when I’m riding in my car, just thinking about the goodness of The Lord, I wanna sing to him to let him know, how wonderful he is. Song says…. I Really Love You”. Uplifting, joyful, rapturous – There are not enough superlatives to describe this modern gospel soul anthem from 2006. Presented here as extended version which gives you more of Bishop Norman’s lead vocal and extra choir. There’s no time to take a pew as on the flip is the equally spirited “God’s Got A Blessing (With My Name On It!)”  On a 7” single for the very first time! Huge thanks to Bishop Norman Hutchins for the collaboration.

Izipho Soul are stoked to release their second vinyl offering from The Regime,the Australian funky collective are now 25+ members and they are set to reach new heights in 2023. “Be A Lover”  oozes silky soul, funk flavours, sensuous instrumentation with an effortless flow. A glockenspiel begins the story of our sleeping subject, snoring loudly. Queue harp and chimes to set the scene, dancing guitar strings, pulsating bass and punchy brass. Lead vocalist Liam Stacey serenades the Gods with his soulful ode to funky liberation followed by Jaspar Gubbay with his oh so smooth tone. The track closes with an epic prophetic funky-mantra. Sonic indulgence right here that will keep you listening again and again! On the flip is “Keep On Lovin”, a unique, creative full on production that only The Regime can pull off! Audio coming soon  * Explicit content is present on “Keep On Lovin’” 

Patrick Biggerstaff
If you have any questions please get in touch.