Estee Pierce

“Spoil you”/ “Celebrate you”/ “Just call me”/ “Trying to forget you”

Estee Pierce I was born in Fayetteville,NC
While my father was in the Army he never took us overseas but we did live up and down the east coast of the U.S, Virginia, North Carolina, Maryland and Pennsylvania.I currently call Hampton, Va home.

I attended Ferguson High School in Newport News, Va. I attended community college before deciding to join the Army to assist my mother. I was a Virginia State Wrestling Champion in Freestyle and Greco Roman. I honestly did not want to leave too far from home after graduation because my mother was not really herself after the death of my baby brother.

I perform at least once a month. Lately I have been doing a lot of funerals. Of course this is always for no charge if I have my schedule free. I just do not feel right charging for that.

While in the Army I sung with a group in Mannheim,GE, CRE was they name. We performed at small events and Army special events. I was a singer for hire so anytime a band needed a background singer I was singing. I also was part of a group called Diverse in the D.C area. We connected with a famous American Football player that I will keep anonymous at this time. He had us singing at clubs and events all over the D.C metro area. That did work out completely work out the way we wanted. Shortly after that I decided to give up music and concentrate on my education and my military duties. I did start doing security for other artist that came to the D.C area for events. Mia is the artist I remember the most. Such a beautiful and kind person.

I started doing Karaoke because I missed singing so much. My friend Martin Blockson who was a Former Staff Producer for Atlantic Records talk me into recording a song. Trying to forget you a song on my life stories album was a poem that we converted into a song. It was only going to be a couple of songs that I was going to record. Just something to get me some original material to sing at events here in The Hampton Roads Area. I had so much fun we kept going to create Life Stories.

As far as my next album it will be called Given My Soul. I am looking to have it out by the end of the year. I will be releasing a few singles from this album in the next 30 to 45 days. The album is not finished at this time. I have a few singles that are ready for release. I went back to the drawing board to make sure I do give people my soul.

Branamion is my children’s and my grandson names combined. BRanden, ANton, AMari and grandson OrION. My music and my life is based around family and love and that’s what i want to continue to give to the world.  

Estee Pierce 
Aka The R&B Soldier