Eleanore Mills

Eleanore Mills is a versatile New York based recording artist known for her seductive sound, powerful performances, and the uncanny ability to manoeuvre musically through a myriad of genres, including Broadway and jingles. As a child, her exposure to Gospel, Soul, and Jazz fuelled and fostered her natural talent and performing skills. With the release of her album, This is Eleanore Mills, she gained the attention of Jazz/Soul impresario Norman Connors, who asked her to sing lead vocals on his albums, This Is Your Life and Romantic Journey. Mills was also chosen as a background vocalist for the Roberta Flack featuring Donny Hathaway album, which included the revered club staples “You Are My Heaven” and “Back Together Again”

As she began to focus more on dance music, she began working with Next Plateau Records. It was there that she achieved her definitive recording, as the featured artist on “Get Wet,” the electro 12” single produced by John Robie. During this time she also was featured with Larry Woo on C-Bank’s “Good to the Last Drop”, produced by David Cole (C+C Music Factory) mixed by Bruce Forest. She went on to record “Nightmare of a Broken Heart”, produced and mixed by Bruce Forest with edits by Louie Vega. In addition, she scored a chart topping single “Tonite” with Those Guys at MCA Records, which hit #2 on the Billboard Dance Charts. In 2014, Mills began writing and recording with Eddie ‘Eaze’ Coleman for the Brooklyn based House label, Deep Nota Records, releasing numerous digital tracks. Most recently, Mills started working with Robert Margouleff, Stevie Wonder’s Grammy Award winning producer. Traveling between New York and Los Angeles, she can be heard most recently recording Preston Glass and David Neilsen’s “Hello Love”, and a scorching cover of Stevie Wonder’s “Higher Ground”, originally from the classic Innervisions album, which Margouleff co-produced with Malcolm Cecil in 1973.

Having worked with Buddah Records, Atlantic Records, Vinylmania Records, West End Records, Eightball Records, Kult Records, Next Plateau Records and others. It was at Next Plateau Records in 1983 that Mills achieved her definitive recording, the timeless John Robie written, produced and mixed electro 12″ single as C-Bank feat. Eleanore Mills – “Get Wet”. Also recorded with C-Bank, the David Cole (C+C Music Factory), produced “Good To The Last Drop”, mixed by Bruce Forest, C-Bank feat. Eleanore Mills and Larry Woo, “Nightmare of a Broken Heart”, Produced and mixed by Bruce Forest, edits by Louie Vega; “You Can’t Have My Dreams”, produced by Larry Woo, mixed by Tony Humphries, Eleanore Mills – “Mr Right”, produced by Larry Woo, mixed by Manny Lehman, Eleanore Mills – “Be Here”, produced and mixed by Louie ‘Balo’ Guzman and Eleanore Mills, “Geisha Love”, produced and mixed by Kenton Mix .

Eleanore as CEO of The Broadlawn Group, continues to perform,write and produce from her studio located in
New York USA 

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