“Trying To Tell You How I Feel” / “We Could Get It Together” 

Label: Soul Direction Records
Catalogue Number: SD22  
Release Date: 26 January 2024  
Format: 7’ Vinyl

Both tracks “We Could Get It Together” & “Trying to Tell You How I Feel” featured in this latest Soul Direction outing were part of a master tape of unreleased tracks that never saw an addition to the album but came to light on a 2008 Numero LP. They were slightly re- mixed for the album, “We Could Get It Together” More so, but we are releasing the original tracks which came from the master tape which have never been released in this way before. 

The group from Columbus Ohio were active from around 1974 to 1978 and consisted of the following members: Benji Harris, Bimbo Brown, Norman Whiteside, Spanky Jones, Vick Martin. Wee mastermind Norman Whiteside was born and lived in an entirely different Columbus than Capsoul’s Bill Moss or Prix’s Clem Price. 

His career was later derailed by a three-decade stretch in prison. He was released on Parole on the 1st September 2016. Owl recording Studios was the brainchild of Youngstown Ohio’s Tom Murphy. Tom moved to Columbus Ohio after high school and began assembling equipment in 1972 with partners Don Kyre and Mike Wheeler who had played in a Columbus band called The EbbTides. 

In September of 1972, Mike Wheeler was playing guitar with Osiris, and Tom brought his recording equipment to their gig (at Mr. Brown’s Descent near Ohio State University) and recorded them. That introduced Tom to Osiris members Sterling Smith, Dan Lawson, and Dave Hessler, who would later become partners/ stockholders in Owl. Tom Murphy’s passion for recording evolved into what is now “Track Record”, a very successful studio in North Hollywood, California. Robin Jenney went on to engineer a number of platinum selling R & B records for the likes or Roger Troutman and Zapp. 

Thank you for your continued support as always 

Alan Kitchener