Bella Brown & the Jealous Lovers 

Label: LRK Records     
Catalogue Number: LP: LRK-LP07 / CD: LRK-CD07 / DIGITAL:LRKLP07DD
Release Date: 2nd February 2024 
Format: LP Vinyl / CD / Digital Album

A Fusion of Retro Soul/Funk and Modern Grooves Los Angeles-based retro soul/funk sensation Bella Brown & the Jealous Lovers are set to ignite the music scene with their highly anticipated LP, “Soul Clap.” Born from the creative genius of Grammy Award-winning vocalist/songwriter Carol Hatchett, Bella Brown emerges as a diva with a fiery stage presence, drawing inspiration from the likes of Tina Turner and Sharon Jones, and channeling the empowered female leads of 70s Blaxploitation films.

 Led by producer/bassist/songwriter Daniel Pearson, The Jealous Lovers assemble an impressive ensemble of A-list musicians, boasting pedigrees that include names like Mick Jagger, Elton John, Whitney Houston, Prince, and Stevie Wonder. This musical collective is on a relentless quest to redefine the boundaries of music, infusing soul and funk with elements of jazz, rock, and Afro-Caribbean influences.

The essence of “Soul Clap” is derived from the cultural phenomena it is named after—a shared and improvised rhythm-making by a collective. The LP, spanning 40 minutes of pure musical bliss, invites the audience to immerse themselves in the groove and discover their individual truths in…  more

1. Soul Clap (Full Album Version)
2. Lady Time
3. What Will You Leave Behind  
4. Coming For You
5. Bang Bang Bang
6. Living Proof
7. I Found You
8. Fast As Lightning
9. There Is Love
10. Soul Clap (Radio Edit)

Bella Brown(Carol Hatchett): Vocals, Tariqh Akoni: guitar(8), Curt Bisquera: drums(1-8), Lèo Costa: drums(9), David DelHomme: keyboards(3,5,6) guitar(3), Jordan Donald: tenor sax(5), Kat Dyson: guitar(1,2,4-7,9), Taku Hirano: percussion(1,3,4), Daniel Pearson: bass(1-9) guitar(2,4,5) keyboards(9), Matt Rohde: keyboards(1,4,7), Ed Roth: keyboards(1,2,8,9), Enrique Sanchez: trumpet(5), Linda Taylor: guitar(3), Dino Soldo: flute/oboe/soprano sax/melodica(9), Brad Walker: alto sax(1), Alex Wasily: trombone(1,5,9), Christine Wu: violin(9),The Regiment Horns: Sean Erick: trumpet, Leon Silva: tenor/bari sax, Kevin Williams: trombone(2-4,6-8)

All songs composed by Carol Hatchett, Daniel Pearson
Publishing: Avenue J Music(BMI), Velvet Sundae(ASCAP)
Produced by Daniel Pearson
Recording Engineer: The Jealous Lovers
Mix Engineer: Daniel Pearson
Mastering Engineer: J J Golden
Horns arranged by Daniel Pearson except (9) Dino Soldo Daniel Pearson
Executive Producer: Avenue J Music, Liam Kenney(LRK Records)
Logo Artwork: Nori Shirasu
Photography: Walter Tabayoyong
Artwork: Andrea Lotz
Special thanks to: Shelia E, Bernard Fowler, Darryl Jones, Enrique Gonzalez Muller, Sean Slade, Vanguard Audio Labs

Liam Kenney