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Soul Discovery Radio Show 18/6/22

Mike Jimenez “Someday we’ll get by” (Tower Records)
E.R.I.C. “Never gonna give you up”
Kim Tibbs “Where would I be without you” (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
The Harlem Gospel Travelers “Look up” (Colemine Records) LP
Michon Young “Say what you mean” (MY)
Tyra Levone “Changes”  (TL)
Funk Junction “Let’s try again”(Epsilon Records Co.) 7’
The Enterains “I’ll Answer you with love” (Soul Junction Records) 7’
Jessie Fisher “I can’t stop loving you” (SOJAMM) 7’
Sugaray Rayford “Don’t regret a mile” (Blind Faith Records) LP
Charles Williams “What am I supposed to do” (CW)
Charles Williams “So very hard to go” (CW)
Joe Graham “Higher than high (Kent Records)
The Exportations  “Second time around” (Kent Records)
Roz Ryan “Put love back” (7th Galaxy Records) 7’
Tyra Levone “Can’t love no more” – Remix (TL)
Jerry Wilder “This time it’s love” (BMI)
Ruby Winters “If only had (meet sooner)” (Creative Soul) 7’
Floyd Beck “Got to be a man” (F&M) 7’
The Compacts “That’s how y world began” (Hit&Run) 7’
The Imports “I’m not ashamed of loving you” (Remined) 7’
Melanie Burke “I can’t turn you down” (Kent Records)
Phillip Mitchell “I’ll see you in hell first” (Kent Records)
Dutch Robinson “EGO” (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
Michon Young “Try me” (MY)Norman Feels “Don’t” (Soul Direction Records) 7’
Mark Murphy “Sunday in New York  (Muse) LP
Mark Murphy “Maiden Voyage” (Muse) LP

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Unreleased, 1970s psychedelic deep funk double-break double-sider

“This is me” – Pt1 & 2

Label: The Preservation Project 
Catalog: MS003 
Release Date: 15th October 2021  
Format: 7’ Silver Vinyl  / White Label Test Press

Welcome to Masters Series – for people who understand that some things just can’t be tamed. (Read: these are scratchy, poppy, and rough recordings from busted acetates.   These are cleaned up as best we can get them – if that’s not going to work for you, don’t order!)

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“Because you’re you” /“Love I lost”

Label: The Preservation Project – Catalog: PP011 – Release Date: 30th July 2021 – Format: 7′

We are back with two Soul sides for you for our 11th regular 7″ release.

Both are a perfect fit for the Soul scene. Side A features Maggtapp’s previously unreleased “Because You’re You.” This is a strong female vox lead sublime Modern Soul groover. It features a steady beat and a spacious arrangement – just drums, bass, electric piano, and organ – that lets the vocals float on top of it. It definitely could be a demo or a temporary mix down, as it could be a bit more fleshed out, but it is really quite good as is.

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“Let me love you” / “Ain’t doin nothing”

Label: EPSILON RECORDS CO. – Catalog:EPS005 – Release Date: July 2021 Format: 7”

“If we only had” / “Didn’t I treat you right girl”

Label: EPSILON RECORDS CO. – Catalog:EPS006 – Release Date: July 2021 Format: 7”

There was very little information about Kenyatta, the band that recorded the well-known and in-demand funk killer track: Kick It Off. In 2017, I started to research the band extensively, originally I believed Kenyatta was from Toledo, Ohio.

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The Originals

‘Young train” / “Young Ideas” (MD Records)

Released in 1973 on a Motown Promotional only release to support the Mayoral election campaign of Coleman Young. The Originals consisted of C.P.Spencer, F.Gorman, W.Gaines and H.Dixon were known as Motown’s best kept secret and never really had the success they should have. In the third of the series, we move to 1973 Detroit. But to really appreciate the story of this release we first need to step back to 1969 when Richard Austin ran for Mayor of Detroit. This was a turning point for the city although Richard Austin was defeated at the general election it was becoming clear that the populace of Detroit wanted change.

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Southern And Deep Soul From Louisiana

Label: Kent Catalog: – CDKEND 501 – Release Date: 28th May 2021 – Format: CD

South-West Louisiana is rightly famous for its homegrown music, Cajun, and its black Creole cousin, Zydeco. There is a romanticism to the area with its exotically named towns and a feeling that it has been cut off from the world. Yet, however much it may seem removed from America, it is still a part of it. Since the birth of the car, Route 90 and then the Interstate 10 have connected New Orleans, Louisiana and Houston, Texas, running straight through the region, opening it up to the world. The local industry that grew up to record the indigenous music was perfectly placed to document local versions of country, blues, funk, soul and pop, as musicians and live bands came through to play in the most important towns.

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Various Artists (Vietnam Soul)

Label: Kent – Catalog: CDKEND 474 – Release Date: 28th May 2021 – Format: CD

This month sees the release of the last in Kent’s trilogy spotlighting black America’s involvement in the Vietnam war. It’s been a long wait but we feel that the 23 tracks here more than uphold the high standard of its predecessors – “A Soldier’s Sad Story” (CDKEND 226) and “Does Anybody Know I’m Here” (CDKEND 245).

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