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Allison & The South Funk Boulevard Band(AKA – The T.S.U. Toronadoes)

“Pay before you lay” / “It’s love”

Label: Epsilon Record Co
Catalog: EPS010
Release Date: January 2022
Format:  7’

About Allison & The South Funk Boulevard Band: Allison Lewis (Robert Alician Lewis) ​Allison was best known as one of the members of the great Funk band “TSU Toronadoes”, who was the creator of the million seller, “Tighten Up” while backing Archie Bell & The Drells on Ovide & Atlantic an many more. Allison has also written some amazing songs such as, I Still Love You, The Goose, Only Inside, Work on it, to name a few.  However, when the band “TSU Tornados” split in 1971, “Allison Lewis” went on to form “South Funk Blvd” with two other members Jerry Jenkins, Nelson Mills. 

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Jesse James

“Father we’re having trouble down here”/”Father we’re having trouble down here(Album Mix)”

Label: Soul Junction Records
Catalog: SJ546
Release: Monday February 21st 2022
Format: 7’ Vinyl  

Way back in 2008 Soul Junction released a 45 on Duane Williams “Yes My Love Is Real” with Duane being one half of the Detroit husband and wife singing duo Beverley and Duane. The duo under the guidance of their lifelong friend Will Hatcher recorded six songs of which two “ We Got To Stick Together” and “Glad I Got You Baby” were picked up by local Detroit label president Woodrow ‘Woody Wilson for release as a 45 single on his Fee label. 

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King George And The Fabulous Souls

Soul-Direction bring you the first legitimate re-release of this soul Rarity Licensed Courtesy of Resnik Music Group.corded “I Need You” and one other on Audio Arts titled King George And The Fabulous Souls – “Baby I’ve Got It / Baby I’ve Got It (Instrumental Sing-Along)” which were both written and produced byl ead vocalist “King” George Renfro. These were recorded a year apart in 1968 and “I Need You” in 1969 respectively.

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Charles Buddy Smith

“When you lose the one you love” (Prev. Unissued. Alternate Take) / “You get what you deserve”

Label:Cannonball Records  
Catalog: CBLL037
Release Date: March 2022
Format:  7’

While sailing safe towards the glorious shores of release number 60 across the whole catalogue, we are proud to present you a previously unissued alternate take of the immense recording that saw the light on Brute in 1967, and earned a well deserved induction in the hall of fame of the greatest rare soul records of all times by becoming a steady classic at all major worldwide soul events starting from Stafford.

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“Boy, you’ve been acting strange” / “Celebrate (Legacy to the bone)”

Label: Soul-Direction Records 
Catalog: SD-007
Release: Officially for order from Friday 17th December – Despatch 4th January 2022 Latest.
Format: 7’ Vinyl  

Eddie N Watkins Jr was born & raised in Detroit MI. He started his music career playing piano for a bingo game Hall at 10 years old. His grandmother “Big Mama” had bought him a piano at age 7 and his parents forced him to take piano lessons apparently against his will.
As it turned out they were right and by the age of 13 Eddie had switched to bass guitar joined the Musicians Union and got hired by the Jonny Trafton big band performing with seasoned local Motown musicians.

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The L. A. Propinquity

“That someone’s U (Vocal) / “That someone’s U (Inst)

Label: Aljoni Musico  
Release Date: Mid December 2021
Format: Vinyl 7’

In 1980 while listening to songs submitted for what would become the LP ‘Splash’ by Freddie Hubbard, several of those—including this one “That Someone’s U” did not make its way to the final album tracks. It was never mixed down and the vocal tracks were ‘work takes/scratch vox’. Written by Sydney Justin (aka ‘Steele’), Sanifu Al Hall, and the late David Shields, the song languished on an outtake reel for decades until it was a part of a group of tracks that were converted from analog to digital to be considered for release in association with the Super Disco Edits label.

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“How can you throw my love away” / “When Joe touches me”

Label: Soul4Real
Catalog: S4R17
Release Date: 25th November 2021 
Format: Vinyl 7’

The Patti LaBelle and The Bluebelles period in Atlantic wasn’t a success story. According to Jerry Wexler, neither the material nor the promotion was right for Patti, Nona and Sarah, pigeon-holed into some sort of Supremes role which did them no good, especially after Cindy Birdsong, the fourth Bluebelle, left the group to replace Florence Ballard.


Sir Joe

“Nobody beats my love”

 Label:  Soul Direction Records
Catalog: SD -1002
Release Date: November 2021  
Format: 7’ Vinyl 

Joseph Patrick Quarterman hailed from the Shaw neighbourhood in Washington D.C. He started writing songs at a young age and after graduating from Dunbar High School he met song writers Eddie Best and Don Downing and began singing lead vocals with a Washington. DC group called “The Knights”, where he adopted the name “Sir Joe.”

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