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Time has dictated a need to be self-reliant. I have great examples to draw on like those provided by people like Ollie McLaughlin, Johnnie Mae Matthews and Don Davis, from back in my Detroit days. That steady hum of music coming from Detroit was heard all over the world and I was fortunate to be a part of it. All of us who were there could feel that it was a special time for music like no other. I am pleased to have this opportunity to fully express my talents for all to hear and more importantly …….to enjoy!

Sharon Shares 

Updated 10/06/23

I was used as a background singer on a few songs produced by Ollie McLaughlin. I sang background on Belita Woods, Magic Corner. I saw an article where someone in the UK was saying that no one knew who the background vocalists were on the song.
They were:  Pat Lewis, Diane Lewis, Telma Hopkins, Joyce Vincent and myself.
The same voices did background for the Barbara Lewis song, “I’ll Keep Believing”.
Also the song I wrote for Barbara Lewis, titled,Do I Deserve It Baby had three background vocalists: Telma Hopkins, Joyce Vincent and myself.

The famous handclaps on Cool Jerk by The Capitols were:  Deon Jackson, his cousin Rusty Baylis, Telma Hopkins, Joyce Vincent, Sharon McMahan, Don Storball, Sam George, Richard Mitchell.  Ollie directed us to add those handclaps. It was my first time experiencing handclaps being added……..Till Next Time Sharon McMahan

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