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Time has dictated a need to be self-reliant. I have great examples to draw on like those provided by people like Ollie McLaughlin, Johnnie Mae Matthews and Don Davis, from back in my Detroit days. That steady hum of music coming from Detroit was heard all over the world and I was fortunate to be a part of it. All of us who were there could feel that it was a special time for music like no other. I am pleased to have this opportunity to fully express my talents for all to hear and more importantly …….to enjoy!

Sharon Shares 

Updated 10-01-24

Sharon was born in Sevierville, Tennessee but raised and musically disciplined in Detroit, Michigan.

Sharon began her career, as a teen in Detroit, Michigan. She wrote her first songs at the age of 12. After auditioning her, Ollie McLaughlin launched her writing career by publishing and producing and releasing several of her songs on his own record lables, KAREN, CARLA, MOIRA & RUTH Records. McLaughlin recorded Sharons songs on major artists, Barbara Lewis, Deon Jackson, Gracie Darnell and Johnnie Mae Matthews. He also secured a UK release for Sharon’s song, Someday We’re Gonna Love Again, recorded by the London based group, The Searchers. It charted to #11 in Billboard, in several countries and to #23 here in the United States, in 1964/65. Thus, Sharon has a tremendous fan base in the UK and Western Europe.

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