North Broad Street (NBS) #5 is two previously unissued tracks brought to you from two reels NBS where very lucky to receive from Cali with 4 wonderful tracks.

The year was 1982 in Detroit, where at this small studio used by many artists, as the studio time was cheaper than a few of the others, Mr Ruffin laid these tracks down, NBS where told, in one afternoon. After listening to the original reels, NBS felt there needed to be a few tweaks here and there, so off they went to Glasgow where Colin (Law) and John (Buckley) and Greg Kane, their magician of an engineer, went to work. Eventually they emerged into the Glasgow night with two very cool tracks that they feel are going totally light the dance floors up. Colin said “it is an absolute honour to once again add to our Detroit renaissance series with another iconic artist. To know that it’s never been heard or brought out in any format before is very exciting for us and a must and hopefully for you as well.”