The Album was never intended be found a “lost and found” masterpiece. That’s just way things turned out”

In the very beginning there was never going to be album. Ex-Drizabone producer and songwrite extraordinaire Vince Garcia had put himself in a self imposed musical exile and instead of his beloved London was living in Yorkshire in a hotel and restaurant business.

A couple of brilliant Soul All-Dayers at Vince’s venue got his mojo back and by chance meeting with former musical colleague Mark Walker – the bass,drums & keyboards maestro – started the ball rolling. Mark in turn told Ince about an American Soul singer called Vince Durrell that he had came across busking in Leeds Yorkshire UK ! The trio had come together Vince Garcia put together an impromptu studio inside his house and the unlikely location of South Cave near Hull UK became the HQ to create magical Soul music. The inspiring “Bluewater” confirmed that Vince had lost none of his songwriting ooomph and was followed by a cover of Beloyd’s much loved Modern classic “Get into my life” which sounded like it could have written for Vince Durrell’s angst filled vocals.

The tracks led to Vince deciding he needed to get back to his London roots and he set up a “proper” studio in in West Hampstead where work began on began on what became this epic “Praying For Rain” album. Vince reached out to his network of players and “who’s who’s of London’s finest Soul crew were recruited to the cause, including ace recording engineer Andy Parker, Gil Gang & Shaun Escoffrey. Encouraged Vince came out with an unbelievable series of songs, not so much Brit Soul but out of this World, tapes leaked from the studio made their way onto various Soul radio shows to an euphoric respone, “Praying For Rain” was placed on on to a compilation album to create demand, the word got out that something special was on it’s way.


No one seems to be able to explain why the album never got released. Due to a set of circumstances it just didn’t. A contemporary classic album brimming with timeless Soul songs and pristine playing and production was stuck in the vaults. Luckily

Soul Intention Records Records persevered and what was for a while a “Lost gem has well and truly found”