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Paul Murphy Playing an explosive mix of Jazz, Latin, Soul and contemporary dance music to discerning crowds across the planet, Paul Murphy has been deejaying since the late ‘70s. His musical journey has wound its way through residencies at celebrated London clubs The Wag, The Electric Ballroom (where he founded the now famous Jazz Room), The 100 Club and Hoxton Square’s Blue Note, via performances alongside the likes of Tito Puente & Celia Cruz, Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, Jimmy McGriff and Lonnie Smith.
Somehow, amidst all of this, Paul also found the time to run a successful Clerkenwell record shop and manage Palladin Records (1984 – 1986), overseeing the release of the politically inspired Venceremos, by London based Jazz-Dance collective Working Week. Gilles Peterson once stated, “Paul Murphy found almost every jazz dance classic”. He has several compilations under his belt including Jazz Club Volumes 1 & 2 and forthcoming, “The Jazz Room” on BBE.

Jazzroom Records

Label: Jazzroom    
Catalogue Number: LP JAZZR 031
Release Date: February 2024 
Format: LP Vinyl

A Jazz Dance Favourite that Jazz Room Records Head Honcho Paul Murphy was hepped to by Brownswood and 6Music Jazz Supremo Gilles Peterson at the 20th Birthday Bash of London’s most Underground of Clubs: Shiftless Shuffle.

Murphy: “I’d quite forgotten all about it, but when I saw the reaction on the dancefloor it was “Mental Note Time, get on the case for a full investigation and let’s see some Vinyl re-issue action!”

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Blue Mode / El Chavo

“Smells Like Teen Spirt” / “Hola Muneca”

Label: Jazzroom 
Catalogue Number: JAZZR 032
Release Date: 23rd January 2024
Format: 7’

The A-Side is one of the biggest tunes from the grunge era and is given a Jazzy Funky Groovey version by Blue Mode. Nirvana were influenced by everything from The Gap Band to Louie Louie and a fair smattering of 80’s indie and this production by Chip Wickham mix’s in a swinging ‘60s’ Blue Note vibe with Acid Jazz sound and brings it bang up to date with Nu-Jazz experience.  First time on 45 and is already a DJ favourite after being included in Paul Murphy set”Jazz Room on BBE Records.

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Danny Ward & Reality

Label: Jazz Room Records
Catalogue Number: JAZZ027
Release Date: 29th September 2023 
Format: LP

Another Holy Grail album from Jazz Room Records with Danny Ward & Reality who were the Go To Funky Jazz Band for College and other Hardcore Funk Party gigs in the Mid to late ’70’s in the Seattle area of the Pacific North West. They didn’t just drop covers of the latest Disco or Top 40 hits though but instead took their audiences on a musical trip through the Funkiest and Jazziest sounds of the day featuring a coterie of Steely Dan inspired covers of cuts made famous by George Benson, Lydia Pense and Coldblood, The Headhunters , Mandrill and many more.

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Label: Jazz Room Records
Catalogue Number: JAZZ029
Release Date: September 2023 
Format: EP

When we do something Funky at Jazz Room Records you can be sure it’s gonna be a Dancefloor Smashsation! Got TWO Super Dynamic cuts on this Hot Slab of Wax. First track needs no introduction unless you’ve been sleeping under a rock for the last Dancefloor Millenium.

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Hideo Shiraki

Plays Bossa Nova

Label:Jazzroom Records
Catalogue Number: JAZZR-025
Release Date: 23rd  June 2023  
Format: Vinyl LP Only

Hideo Shiraki travelled to the US from Japan in 1962 and was bowled over by Horace Silver and the Bossa Nova Craze happening at the same time. When he returned to Japan he went straight into the studio and cut this Blue Note inspired Japanese Jazz Masterpiece.

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Colin Curtis Presents: Indigo Jam Unit

“My passion for Japanese jazz started way back in the 1970s and was fueled even more as the decade went on with the evolution of jazz dance in the UK’s burgeoning jazz funk scene. As jazz breaks emerged in the jazz rooms, the demand for danceable jazz music in the UK kept growing. Through scouring the record shops in Manchester, Birmingham, and London, the emergence of great Japanese jazz added another dimension to this genre. My love for Japanese jazz continued until the turn of the century when the names changed from Sadao Watanabe, Mikio Masuda, Casiopea, Toshiyuki Honda, Shigeharu Mukai, and the like to the new emerging nu-jazz bands like Sleep Walker, Quasimode, Kyoto Jazz Massive, Jabberloop, and in 2006, the powerful force that was the indigo jam unit!

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