Soul Discovery Show 13/10/23

Soul Discovery
Soul Discovery
Soul Discovery Show 13/10/23

Michael Kiwanuka ‘Tell Me A Tell’ (Polydor) LP
(Live from the Birmingham Symphony Hall)
Shenita Hunt ‘Dance ’til We Fall in Love Again’ (Live)
Al Kent ‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ (M.D.D. Gold) 12’
Spencer Wiggins ‘I’m At The Breaking Point’ (Hit & Run Records) 7’
Judy Freeman & Blackrock “I Know Where You’re Coming From’ 
(The Preservation Project) 7’
Alvarez ‘I Can’t Make It’ (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
Durand Jones & The Indications ‘More Than Ever’ (Colemine Records) 7’
Evette Busby ‘Stop’  (Malaco Records)
Terumasa Hino ‘Stay I Waking Heart’ (Victor)  
Atlantis Jazz Ensemble ‘Oneness’ (Marlow Records Promo) LP

Oilwell ‘You & Me’ (Oilwell /Moiko Records)
Richard Pope ‘Next Life Time’ (Daran Records) LP
Richard Pope ‘I’ll Make You My Woman’ (Daran Records) LP
Linda Clifford ‘After Loving You’ (Paramount) 7’
Dazz Band ‘Fly Away’ (LRS)
Kinsman Dazz Band ‘Ghetto Preacher’ (Creative-Soul Records) 7’
Bell Telephunk “Love Vibrations’ (Kingsman) 7’
Ron Thatch ‘Who Can Define Love’ (Mojo) 7’
Candy Rea “Tenderness” (The George Semper Music) 7’
Ron Keith and Ladys “Can’t Live Without You (Sticks and Stones)’ (A&M) 7’
Cecily ‘I Am Love’ (Promo)
Shenita Hunt ‘What Pain Am I to Choose’
Jeff Floyd ‘Changing Times’ (Murphy -JFM) LP
TMF ‘The Music Forever’
Brass Monkey Featuring Flora Wilson (You Are Everything’ (Appleray Records) 7’  
Alvarez ‘I Can’t Stop Loving You’ (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
Miss Louistine ‘Extra-Extra’ (Kent Records 44th Anniversary Special) 7’
Byron Morris & Unity  ‘Panamanian Aire’ (E.I.P.) LP
Tom Ranier ‘What You Need’ (Warner Brothers Test Pressing) LP
Erica Falls ‘Up’ (EF)
Black Girl Singer called “I Do Love You”
Atlantis Jazz Ensemble ‘Enlightenment’ (Marlow Records Promo) LP