Alexander “Lex” Morris 

‘Change comin’ / ‘Love knockin’

Angel Dove Global 812 Music Group in association with Izipho Soul Records, are proud to present Alexander Morris long awaited solo release. Current lead singer of the legendary Four Tops, Alexander has compiled his life journey in song.

The music begins on 26th March, with the release of two supremely soulful songs: ‘Change comin’ and ‘Love knockin’. The full album entitled January (named after and in tribute to Alex’s mother’s surname) will follow late Spring. Vinyl 45s are scheduled later this year. He has been an active part of the music world for decades, but many soul music fans are just getting to know the name Alexander “Lex” Morris as the new lead singer for the iconic quartet The Four Tops. Lex has been working in the R&B and Gospel worlds as a singer, songwriter and producer for years, while also serving as a minister who runs Los Angeles based J. Alexander Morris Ministries.

But it was a call from Four Tops co-founder Duke Fakir two years ago that led Lex to the front of the stage with one of the most famous acts in soul music history. And he has received great reviews from longtime Four Tops fans for his work. However, Lex is continuing to record his own music, and he has just issued a two sided single, working with legendary songwriter and producer Dr. Marlin McNichols on McNichols’ Angel Dove label.

“Change Comin’” is a soulful call-and-response midtempo that looks at the events, people and even social movements that turn the directions of our lives. It contrasts with “Love’s Knockin’,” a sultry, sensual ballad on which Lex asks his woman to ignore the hurts of her past and to let him in. Both songs are terrific and show Lex Morris to be an adept and emotive soul man, worthy of both his spotlight in the Four Tops and this solo feature.

And congratulations again to McNichols, who continues to quietly deliver gem after gem on Angel Dove Global.