“Love Was Born For Me” / “Do We Have Love” 

This is a sensational previously unissued double sider from 1976.Do We Have Love is a beautiful sweet soul side with killer vocal from Rocky Whitaker. Click on play and put on your dancing shoes!

Label: Epsilon Record Co.
Catalogue Number: EPS023 
Release Date:  20th July 2023 
Format: 7’

Was made up of college buddies. They had all been in a Dartmouth College sponsored traveling band called the Green Dream made up of students in a class taught by Robert Northern … aka “Brother Ahh”. After graduation they much to the chagrin of their parents, decided to take their shot at stardom. They never achieved stardom but I got something better… the friendship of  5 guys who act like brothers that has lasted 50 years…they still Zoom once a month.


The members of Mantis are:

Allen Atkins: Vocals/Keyboards. Alan became a university economics professor and still plays music occasionally with a small trio in his home state of Arizona.

Baxter Fullerton: Vocals/vocal arrangement. Baxter got involved in banking and the stock market… And still sings occasionally for fun.

Alvin Harrison: Guitar/ Vocals. Alvin started an advertising agency in California, retired at 44… And is still releasing new music today

Vernon Stewart: vocals Drums. Vernon is still in the transportation industry, but has been in many local bands and is still gigging in Houston Texas.

Rocky Whitaker: Vocals and Conga. Rocky is involved in college sports promotions and still performs in Charlotte North Carolina.

Paul Ungar: Bass/ keyboards/ BG Vocals. Paul became a music lawyer and continues to play in a band that does charitable performances.

Yann Vatiste