All Platinum – The Making of a Sound

Author: Steve Guarnori
ISBN: 978-1-3999-5659-8
Release Date: 26th November 2023

All Platinum – The Making of a Sound is the long overdue detailed history of All Platinum records from 1967-1979. The book contains 534 pages and over 300,000 words, dealing with each year in the company’s history as well as telling the stories of its artists and the musicians who signed for the company each year.

With quotes from many of the surviving artists, it is a fascinating insight into how Joe and Sylvia Robinson’s record label started operating from a small basement and grew to become one of the most important black owned record labels of the 70s. 

This was no ordinary record company. The creative talent that passed through All Platinum’s doors was phenomenal and the way the business operated was unusual to say the least. All Platinum – The Making of a Sound, also covers the acquisition of Chess, the once mighty Chicago label, as well as the company’s successful expansion into the U.K and Europe in 1975. 

Additionally, the book contains the most comprehensive (and fully illustrated) discography on the records pressed on All Platinum and its related labels, as well as those records it distributed nationally for other record labels. The discography includes many records not included anywhere else. 

Price £45.

Steve Guarnori