4/9/21 Soul Discovery Radio Show

Soul Discovery
Soul Discovery
4/9/21 Soul Discovery Radio Show

TWR 4/9/21 Featured Artists: Lady Blackbird, LaTanya Hughes Willie Williams, Poynt Of Vu Rena Scott, Jay King

Kenny Garrett “When the days were different”  (Mack Avenue) LP
Jay King “All your love (all nite long)” (Jay King Music)
Al-Dose Band “Doing our thing with pride” (Kalite) LP
Garcia Walker & Durrell “Maybe time” (Soul Intention Records) LP
Eugene Cole “Love is coming” (EC)
Rena Scott “You’re so far away”  (Izipho Sou Records) 7’
Ray Mahumane “Living my life”(Venue Records)
Poynt Of Vu “There’s no one like you” (DaMan Records)
The Difference /  411C “Just being me” (CD Baby) –
Lee Hurst “Whole lotta your love” (Diggin Deep Records) 7’
Phil Kelly “Holding on to you” (Duck) 7′
Joe Washington & Wash “Look me in the eyes” (West Sounds Productions) 7’
Willie Williams “All I’ve got”  (Soul Junction Records) 7’
Lee Fields & The Expressions “Time -Demo” (Big Crown Records) LP
The Spinners “I’m looking for my baby” (Peak Records) –
Daybreak “On & on” (Soul 1st Records)
Eugene Cole & Felton Pilate “Why are you holding back” (EC)
Charlie ‘Cole Black’ Brown “I just can’t get over you” (Jewel Records) 7’
LaTanya Hughes “Too grown” (Eptone Music Productions)
Lady Blackbird “ It’ll never happen again” (Black Acid Soul) 12’ Lady Blackbird “Blackbird” (Black Acid Soul) 12’
The Decisions “I love you” (Soul Direction Records) 7’
Victor Haynes “Crazy Love” (Expansion)
Eric Mercury and The Soul Searchers  “Lonely girl” (Big Man Records) 7’
Carolyn Crawford “Ready or not her comes love’ (Kent Records)
Willie Williams “Do you understand”  (Soul Junction Records) 7’
Freddie Hubbard “Little sunflower” (Columbia) LP