Soul Discovery 17/9/20

Soul Discovery
Soul Discovery
Soul Discovery 17/9/20

Featured artists:
Ronald Bell (Kool & the Gang), Aaron Frazer, Rushing
Teddy Pendergrass, Rikki Aaron
Bill Brown and The Soul Injection

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Play-List 17/9/20

Kool & the Gang
“Jungle Jazz”
“Let the music take your mind’
“Funky stuff”
“Open Sesame”
The Howard Lemon Singers “For the Children”(Gospel Root) LP
Rikki Aaron “Say wha’t on your mind” (OURRA MIX)
(Cordial Recordings) 7’
Power of Attorney “Changing Man” (Brewery Town) 7’
Kenny Carter “I’ve gotta get myself together” (Kent Records)
Teddy Pendergrass “We got love” (Selecta) 7’
Aaron Frazer “Bad news” (Dead Oceans/Easy Eye Sound) 7’
The Flying Stars “My God has a telephone” (Colemine Records) 7’
Jerry Williams “Oh Lord, What Are You Doing To Me” (Soul4Real Records) 7’
Rushing “ I want to be in love” (Jam City & Izipho Soul Record) 7’
Isaac Lindsey “Hurt before you heal”
La’Veerne Washington “I found what I searching for” (Melodies International) 7’
The Thompsons “I’ll get over it” (BCM Records) LP
LaKesha Nugent “So get ready” (Epidemic Sound Records)
Chapter 8 “I just wanna be your girl” (Ariola Records) LP
Beth “I just wanna be your girl” (Anise Records)
Marvin Smith “Hearts made of stone” (Hit & Run Records) 7’
Teddy Pendergrass “Should I Go or should I stay” (Selecta) 7’
Rushing “ Tell your boyfriend” (Jam City & Izipho Soul Record) 7’
Chordially “Atomic soul” (Cordial Recordings) 7’
Bill Brown and The Soul Injection
“Dreamworld Fantasies” (Brownstone Records) 7’
Marvin Smith “Heartache coming on” (Hit & Run Records) 7’
Shenita Hunt “The sign of blue Jay” (SH)
Bobby Burn ‘I’m a dreamer’ (Diggin’ Deep Records) 7’
Kool & the Gang “Summer madness (Live)