David Hinckley

“Your Man (On The Inside)” / “Western Nights”

The tracks are a modern take on 70’s instrumental symphonic soul informed by the cinematic sounds of Curtis Mayfield, Isaac Hayes, and Adrian Younge.

This is nighttime music designed to set a mood but rewards the attentive listener with intricate string arrangements, phased and fuzzed out guitars, and the smoothest rhythm section you have heard since 1973. Hinckley’s guitars call to mind everyone from Wes Montgomery and his smokey octave melodies to Ernie Isley’s psychedelic solos. The string arrangements, composed by Hinckley and engineer Elio DeLuca, are straight from the playbook of Thom Bell and his iconic work with The Delfonics and The Stylistics.

Recording took place at The Soul Shop in Medford, MA with DeLuca at the helm and a crack rhythm section made up of LA session ace Wayne Whittaker (bass), Harrison Seiler (drums), and Eric German (congas). Adding a woman’s touch so necessary to this music were Kristen Drymala (cello), Anna Stromer (viola), and Molly Fletcher (violin). Mastering was completed by Alex DeTurk at Bunker Studios in Brooklyn, NY.

David Hinckley – guitars & electric sitar 
Wayne Whittaker – Fender bass 
C. Harrison Seiler – drums 
Eric German – congas 
Elio DeLuca – electric piano, synthesizer & percussion 

Molly Fletcher – violin 
Anna Stromer – viola 
Kristen Drymala – cello 

Recorded & mixed by Elio DeLuca at the Soul Shop, Medford MA 
Mastered by Alex DeTurk at the Bunker Studio, Brooklyn NY 
Produced by David Hinckley & Elio DeLuca 
String Arrangements by David Hinckley & Elio DeLuca