Canal Tavern, Thorne

Rod Dearlove asked me six times to DJ at Thorne. Below are tracks I played a the time……Magic days 

Chantique “I know I’m falling in love” (AIP) 7’
The Mood “Get the love” / “So much love” (World Jam) 12’
Sweet Thunder “I leave you stronger”(Fantasy WMOT) LP
Robard Johnson “Slow drag with my baby”(Premo) 12’
Little Reuben “In the name of loneliness” (NR) 7’
Rocket “Here comes my love” (Quality) 7’
Ben Jackson The A.P.O. Band “Never get enough (of your love)” (A.P.O.) 12’
Chuck Roberson “I’ve got to have your love” (Bluesong) 7’
Bean Brothers “Without you” (Davida) 7’
Flowers “We could make it happen” / “For real” (LA expresso) 7’
Phil Kelly “Holding on” (Duck) 7’
Curtis Walker “I wanna be in your arms tonight” (Jigga Ray) 7’
Essex IV “My heart just can’t take it” (Wind Mill) 7’
Sideshow Featuring Arthur Ponder “Sexy Lady” (Muscadine Music) 7’
Hotliners “Cold hearted” (Budweiser) 12’
Sir Prize “Never can find the words” (Budweiser) 12’
Jon Paul Martines “With you” (Budweiser) 12’
Kooly “Count -2-3” (Budweiser) 12′
Axe Band  “Oh love” (Not on Label) 7’
Redd Davis “Love Doctor” / “What you gonna do”(Kealock) 7’
Front Page “I don’t need-I don’t want”  (Budweiser) 12’
Robert Owens  “In your lifetime” / “Must be loven you” (Budweiser) 12’
Traffic Jam “I can’t get over you” (Toeholt) 7’
Betty Fikes & The Passions “I can’t lie to my heart” (Southbound) 7’
New Way “Holding on” (Prestige) 7’
Fauns Bell and A Little Flavor “Gift of love” (Wave) 7’
John Vaughan “In your eyes” (Budweiser) 12’
Stan Ivory And His Omnificent Orchestra “Come live me” (Tese) 7’
California Executives “Can’t let you go” (Williams) 7’
Tim Murray “Thinking of you” (Detroit Tracks) 7’
Tavasco “Love is trying to get a hold of me” (Rampart) 7’
Brotherly Love “Whole lot of you in me”(Robinson & Son) 7’
Seville “Show me the way” (Kayo) 7’
John Pressley “It’s so easy loving you” (Harlem Int.) 12’
Randy Wilson “Something inside” / Patience” (Regal) 12’
Bobby Jonz “Just like a woman” (Crooked Road) 12’
Jay Player “Love is the answer” (Bevnik) 12’
Al Mason “Good lovin” (Fynal Vynal) 7’
H L Lincoln “Gonna take more love” (Kon Kord) 12’ …etc