17/02/23 Soul Discovery Show and Playlist

Soul Discovery
Soul Discovery
17/02/23 Soul Discovery Show and Playlist

Power ‘Get Your Love’ (Powerized Records)
Billy Valentine And The Universal Truth ‘Wade In The Water’ (Acid Jazz Promo) LP
The Regime ‘Be Lover’ (Izipho Soul) 7’
Rhythm Roots Allstars featJohn Arthur Bigham ‘Say I Do’  ( F SPOT Records) 7’
Bella Brown & the Jealous Lovers  ‘What Will You Leave Behind’  (LRK Records)
Energy MC2  ‘You And Only You’ (Soul Junctions Records) 7′
Energy MC2  ‘Love To Make Love To You’ (Soul Junctions Records) 7′
By All Means ‘Dose It Feel Good To You’ (4th And Broadway Records) LP
By All Means ‘I Think I fell In Love’ (Island Records) LP
By All Means  Love Lies’ (Motown) LP
Jimmy Varner ‘Sara Smile’ 
Bert Robinson ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ (Capitol Records) LP

J Kabel ‘Unnecessary’ 
Chelly K ‘I Don’t Know Where You Go’ (Promo)
Ray Greene ‘ Should know Better’ (Ubuntu Music)
Alpaca Phase 3 ‘Paper Man’(Deep Soul) 7’
Charles Blackman ‘Special’ (PJ Records Promo) LP
Charles Blackman ‘Do you Believe In Me’ (PJ Records Promo) LP
Spencer Wiggins ‘Key To The Kingdom’  (Tavette)
Norman Hutchins ‘Really Love You” (Izipho Soul Records) 7’
James & Bobby Purify  ‘I don’t want to have to wait’ (Bell Records) 7’
Belita Woods  ‘That’s When I’ll Stop Loving You’ (Hit & Run Records) 7’
David Hinckley ‘Love on Call’ (DH)
Chris Bangs   ‘Bam Bam’ (Acid Jazz Promo)
Vessie Simmons ‘I Can Make It On My Own” (Simco Records) 7’ 
The Sherilles with Vessie Simmons ‘She’s gonna make it’ (Kent Records Promo)
RonThatch ‘Who Can Define Love’ (Mojo Records) 7’
RonThatch ‘A Jealous Man’ (Mojo Records) 7’
Warren Ray & The Infernal Blues Machine  ‘It’s The Feeling I Get’ (Kent Records Promo)
The Marvellos ‘It’s Your Love That I Need (Kent Records) 7’
Sharon McMahan ‘I Have No Choice’ (Hayley Records) 7’
Rodney Stith ‘Heaven’s Door’ (Shockoe Records)
Will Downing ‘Early Years’
Charles Blackman ‘What Would I Do For You’ (PJ Records Promo) LP
The 4 Master ‘Pretty One’ (Soul Direction Records) 7’
El Sonido de Fingier ‘Um Brilho Novo’ (Acid Jazz Records Promo) 
Jesse James ‘Who You Sleeping With’ (GunSmoke Records Promo)
Lorraine Ellision ‘Haven’t I been Good To You” (Soul4Real Records) 7’
Dennis Rowland ‘I Was Just A Lonely Man’ (Saxville Ave. Records) 7’
Okonski ‘Runner Up’ (Colemine Records Promo) LP