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   The Mother of Soul Anna Ruby Gordy Gaye A special tribute on Soul Discovery  http://souldiscovery.podomatic.com/entry/2014-02-09T12_44_12-08_00


New album Emma Jean out on Truth & Soul on 2nd June 2014

Soul legend Lee Fields has teamed up with The Expressions for the third time for Emma Jean, the new album out 2nd June on Brooklyn’s Truth & Soul Records. Arriving at a time when many new artists are trying to emulate the genuine soulful swagger of the 1960s, Lee Fields is the real deal, his authenticity out in full force on Emma Jean’s 11-tracks. The first single “Magnolia” is a refreshed cover of the JJ Cale track that embodies the late, great American singer-songwriter and the Tulsa Sound he helped create.  


Since releasing his first album in 1969, Fields has continued to make music for the last 45 years. And having been on the road, touring non-stop for the better part of the last decade, it's evident that Fields has hit an elevated stride both as a recording artist and live performer. His soul stirring live show is set to return to Austin’s SXSW Music Conference and Festival this month. See show schedule below and be sure to catch one of his not-to-be-missed sets.


Emma Jean is the follow up to Fields’ first two Truth & Soul albums, My World (2009) and Faithful Man (2012) – ranked by MOJO in the top 20 albums of the year.  This is Lee Fields and The Expressions at their most soulful and distinctive yet, with a sound that’s mature, yet adventurous. Rather than being content with his status as contemporary soul music royalty, Fields delves into soul music, exploring new steps and pushing against is parameters.


There's a sharper wisdom to Fields’ songwriting. Backed by crooning guitar and wailing horns, he sings about having loved, lost, and learned on “Don't Leave Me This Way”, while on “Just Can't Win”, he pairs his signature expressive vocals with sophisticated arrangements and polished studio production. Emma Jean was partially recorded and mixed in Dan Auerbach of The Black Keys’ Nashville studio, and elements of country soul and blues-rock are immediately noticeable, particularly on “Paralyzed”, which Auerbach wrote.  It lends a new dimension to the sound, but as Fields was born and raised in North Carolina, he is right at home with Southern soul music, and Emma Jean sounds like a natural progression.


Like past releases from this matchless pairing of Fields' warm-and-raw growl and The Expressions' switched-on and sharp musicianship, Emma Jean takes soul music in a familiar but updated direction. "He's 63 years old,” notes Leon Michels, Fields’ producer and co-owner of Truth & Soul, whose production credits also include Aloe Blacc’s worldwide hit album Good Things, “He's so focused, and has been working non-stop--he's singing the best he ever has."



Wednesday, 12 March – Filter Showcase at Clive Bar, 10pm

Thursday, 13 March - Pandora Music Party at The Gatsby 4pm

Friday, 14 March – Live On KUT at The Four Seasons, 10am

Friday, 14 March – Windish Showcase at The Mohawk, 4pm



4 June – London, UK – XOYO. Tickets

5 June – Paris, France, La Maroquinerie. Tickets

7 June – Erfurt, Germany - Franz Mehlhose. Tickets

8 June – Gent, Belgium – Balzaal. Tickets

10 June – Hamburg, Germany – Mojo. Tickets

12 June –  Stockholm, Sweden – Nalen. Tickets

14 June – Bergen, Norway – Bergenfest. Tickets

Press Release: Various Artists   “Extra Rich In soul”   SJCD5007
Release Date:   Monday March 17th 2014
               From left to right: Bill Spoon, Jesse James, Eltonez Salton (August Heat) and Oliver Cheatham.
“Extra Rich In Soul” is a various artists cd compilation which features some of Soul Junction’s most popular and now long deleted releases from the last 7 years. Such as Bill Spoon’s “I Can’t Wait (Until The Weekend)”, Jesse James’s original version of “I Feel You Love Changing” and the late Oliver Cheatham’s biggie from 2012 “Don’t Pop The Question (If You Can’t Take The Answer)”. Also featured is Natural Impulses dance floor favourite “We’re Gonna Make It Through” which is also accompanied by their previously unissued mid tempo offering “Thank You Baby” which gets its debut outing as part of this compilation.
Add to that two previously unissued tracks from Clayton Hooker formerly of the Detroit group ‘Citation’ entitled “Have You Had Enough” and “Say It Again” respectively. Both tracks coming out of brother’s Ivy Jo Hunter and John Maxey’s Probe 1 Productions studio.
Vince Bromfield of ‘Audio’ fame is represented with his modern soul favourite “Won’t Somebody” plus a really cool smooth instrumental entitled “Remember September” which show cases Vince prowess as a jazz saxophonist to perfection.
Chapter 8’s main man David Washington is also featured via his own rendition of the song he originally composed for Jimmy Scott “Games’ a dance floor winner during 2013.

Soul Junction also continues with it’s commitment to support today’s current contemporary output by featuring three recent releases by way of August Heat’s mid tempo delight “Fly Away” , Detroiter Darold Gholston’s “Love That’s Real” and former Wall Street banker Eric Harris’s recent internet radio hit “Backstage”. To compliment the package we have included two brand new releases from the Motorcity, One Nation’s “I Like Your Style” and from former Magic City and United Sound Studio session singer Janet Wright, who under her stage name of Pix’y comes up trump’s with her excellent and unique cover version of Rose Royce’s classic “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” (Please check out Janet’s Biography on the Soul Junction website: www. Souljunctionrecords.co.uk).
Hopefully through this compilation we have provided something for everyone’s soulful palette, Enjoy.

Oliver Cheatham - “Don’t Pop The Question(If You Can’t Take The Answer)” 
Jesse James - “I Can Feel Your Love Changing” 3:46
August Heat - “Fly Away” 4:42
E .R.I.C (Extra Rich In Class) - “Backstage” 5:35
Audio (Featuring Vince Broomfield) - “Won’t Somebody” 4:09
Clayton Hoo ker - “Have You Had Enough” 3:25
David Washington - “Games” 4:42
Pix’y - “Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” 4:40
Vince Broomfield - “Remember September”(Instrumental) 4:52
Natural Impulse - “Thank You Baby” 4:52
Clayton Hoo ker - “Say It Again” 2:25
Bill Spoon - “I Can’t Wait (Until The Weekend)” 3:33
Natural Impulse - “We’re Gonna Make It Through” 4:11
One Nation - “I Like Your Style” 3:07
Darold Ghoulston - “Love That’s Real” 4:31

"So we hope to have provided something for everyone’s soulful palette" 

Elbowed-Out   “Things Are Changing/Just To Be With You”   SJ527
Release Date: Monday April 14th 2014

 Elbowed-Out return with their follow up release to their previously highly successful Soul Junction outing “Taking A Step/Girl You Got Magic SJ523 which gain a released in July of 2013. The group’s mission in life was” to get you up and out of seat, and then begin to move your feet”. As with both sides of Elbowed-Out’s previous outing if the favorable response was anything to go by I think you’ll agree they achieved just that. So we’ve continued with the winning formula again on the A-side of this release yet another little up tempo mover from the boys from Seattle entitled “Things Are Changing” this time featuring Denis Wilcox as the lead vocalist. While the B-side is a more subtle mid tempo offering entitled “Just To Be With You” which once again featuring Sam Chambliss on Lead. Yet again, another two previously unissued 70’s soul sides for your delight. Please check out the more in depth resume’ of Elbowed-Out via their SJ523 release on the Soul Junction website.
For more info:
Dave Welding & John Anderson
Soul Junction Records
Tel: +44 (0) 121 602 8115
sales @ souljunctionrecords.co.uk

The Soul Hustlers
Funk is a musical genre that originated in the 1960s when African-American musicians created a danceable new form of music through a fusion of Soul, Jazz and Rhythm & Blues. Funk brings a strong rhythmic groove of electric bass and drums to the foreground along with a compliment of other familiar instruments such as guitar, keyboards, organ and sometimes a horn section.
Musical Kings such as James Brown, George Duke, and George Clinton have paved the way for many of their loyal subjects to follow, however very few true heirs to the thrones of these rulers have ever emerged and now there is a void; a void that has been waiting patiently to be filled by a worthy contender.
Now entering the Funk music conversation armed with tunes that will allow them to stake their claim to the coveted crown is an American Quintet known simply as the "Soul Hustlers".
Known the world over in their original incarnation as the most recent rhythm section for the award winning R&B band "Maze featuring Frankie Beverly", Keyboardist Vance Taylor, Drummer Calvin Napper, Guitarist Jubu Smith, Keyboardist Carl Wheeler and Bassist Larry Kimpel have joined forces in the recording studio and have emerged triumphantly with one of the most notable Funk/Jazz music projects to be born in the new millennium.
The results of this musical merger are documented on their debut CD entitled "Soul Hustlers"... "Refried & Funkafied". One of the things that makes this music so special is that all of the songs on "Refried & Funkafied" we're penned by the group spontaneously in the recording studio as the tapes were rolling.
To be part of a legendary band like "Maze featuring Frankie Beverly" would be accomplishment enough for most musicians. However that's not the case for this tight band of brothers who travel, eat, sleep, laugh and perform together at least eighty days out of every year.

" We all knew that it was time to bring our heads and hearts together and make some musical magic of our own" says Guitarist Jubu Smith and Keyboardist Carl Wheeler. These two gentlemen are also former members of the mega successful R&B Band from Oakland, California "Tony, Toni, Tone."
Besides touring and recording with Crooner Frankie Beverly, "The Soul Hustlers" collective resume is a smorgasbord of "A" List recording artists across many styles and musical genres. The guys have backed the likes of The Late Whitney Houston, George Duke, Boney James, Anita Baker, Walter and Tramaine Hawkins, Andre Crouch, Alanis Morrisette, Steve Perry of Journey, Rachelle Ferrelle, Toni Braxton, Earth, Wind & Fire, Donald Lawrence, Stephanie Mills, Natalie Cole, and literally a ton more.

Guitarist Jubu Smith co-wrote the hit song "Can I Take You Home Tonight"
for Luther Vandross while Keyboardist Carl Wheeler has written hits such as "Anniversary" for Tony, Toni, Tone and others. Keyboardist Vance Taylor gained fame as the principle pianist on many of Peobo Bryson's biggest songs including "Feel the Fire" while Drummer Calvin Napper has held down the grooves for many award-winning Gospel and R&B artists such as Donnie McClurkin and Fred Hammond. Bassist Larry Kimpel also has penned hit songs with the likes of Jonathan Butler, Tom Scott, Doc Powell and Songtress Oleta Adams.

 These many professional experiences both live in concert and on records have helped to make up the distinctive musical flavor that is the "Soul Hustlers". The sound is a powerhouse of super tight, spirit-filled, mature Funk/Jazz music built and designed for the people.

 "We all know what it really means to be in a band..." Says Bassist Larry Kimpel and Keyboardist Vance Taylor. "We each know our place in the unit." "Everybody stays in their lane and we have a ton of fun doing it!" Says Drummer Calvin Napper... "This project is so special!" "Everyone around the world needs to experience it, whether they're a fan of the Funk/Jazz Genre or not!"

 So the very next time you're in a "Funky Mood" let none other than the "Soul Hustlers" take you all the way there with "Refried and Funkafied". Rest assured, that you will not be disappointed.

Hayley Records uncovers more Detroit GOLD!
The apparently inexhaustible supply of unreleased Detroit gems has yielded another rich seam of treasures, if the 2014 release schedule of Hayley Records is anything to go by!

First off, HR 017 features two beauties from song writing supremo Tony Hester ‘Come out of your thing’ b/w ‘Nothing can stop me from loving you’. Both songs are his original, fully orchestrated versions made prior to the released interpretations by other artists. The Dramatics delivered ‘Come out of your thing’ whilst the Dells, Cissie Houston and Marilyn McCoo & Billy Davis Jnr. all covered ‘Nothing can stop me’, to use the release title. Tony Hesters’ versions not only ooze with the feeling and soul we’ve come to expect from his vocal prowess, but provide a fascinating insight into the way he produced and delivered the song in its earliest 1975 format. Both were recorded at United Sound Systems in Detroit, along with several others destined for a future release.
The second offering, HR 018, is an even bigger surprise. The song ‘Girl have pity’ is well known in its Ric Tic format by the Fantastic Four, with the mesmerising vocals of ‘Sweet’ James Epps, but to find another unissued version of the same song by Steve Mancha is incredible. Yet, here it is in all its majesty with the added bonus of another previously unreleased track, this time with J.J. Barnes in tow, as they provide the original version of the Bobby Williams song ‘Baby I need your love’, complete with lyric sheet rustling and vocal directions! Detroit delivers.

Both records are scheduled for release on March 10th 2014.
Pre orders are being taken on www.hayleyrecords 
simply click ‘Vinyl’ for ordering instructions or contact sales@hayleyrecords.co.uk

With ‘Breezing’ by George Benson playing in the background Elliott Macauley picked up his first bass guitar. It was the late 1970s & his parents house was filled with music, from Motown to jazz. At the age of 18 Elliott moved to London to pursue his music career playing in various jazz/funk bands. Although he was playing live there was little opportunity for him to record his own material. Back in the late 1980s the only way to record was on an analogue 8 track recording, being a signed artist or wealthy enough to own a recording studio. It was a few years later & the dawn of the digital era in music before Elliott could try his talents at producing/recording his own material. In the mean time whilst working at the Jazz Café, London, Elliott had the chance to travel to Japan as a session player in a quartet. They toured from Nagoya to Tokyo & Osaka playing covers & original material.

 It was whist he was living in Barcelona, Spain, he became a familiar sight on the beach playing acoustic guitar with the gypsies. These were both invaluable experiences which pushed his musical talents & ambition even further. When he returned to England in the early 2000s he began to build his own digital recording studio. Still playing acoustic guitar & session bass at intimate venues he was now able to fulfill his true potential not only writing but now composing, arranging & playing more instruments. He is known first & foremost as an accomplished bassist spending two years at the Royal College of Music refining his skills, but in teaching himself the role as producer of his own work there are no limitations to what he can now achieve. In the past year alone Elliott has worked with Winston Warrior on the track “Keep Moving”, playing both bass & guitar, Maggie Smile, Sian Evans again bass & guitar, Kurt Austin as composer/writer/producer. Using his Facebook site & his other online music sites his networking soon lead him to Cleveland Jones, vocalist.

Both had mutual admiration for each others work & it wasn’t before long that they were collaborating on brand new ideas. The fantastic result can be heard in the single “Mamma’s Baby Boy” which will be on Elliott’s debut EP in 2013. 2014 brings a fresh start to elliotts music with the New Single All My Life features Joe Leavy form america track was written by Elliott & Andrew Mayo and joe leavy its out on iTunes

Klive D’Farley
Songwriter, producer, musician, artist, band leader, lover of all things New York—is the creative mind, and dreamy vision, that makes up Dreemtime, a constantly evolving group that mixes international flavors, sexy and sophisticated electronics, and live brass and orchestral instrumentation to create, and coin, a unique and vibrant genre of music—New York Lounge Funk.

Dreemtime has mastered a blend of original and mixed beats to create a truly one-of-a-kind flare, driven by the life experiences of D’Farley and his keen ear for bringing together musical talent and distinguished collaborations. With a mixture of soul, R&B, jazz, and lounge with vibrant pop thrown in for good measure, dreemtime has created a genre and following all of its own. A constantly evolving group, Dreemtime has released two albums—Dreamy (2007) and New York Lounge Funk (2009) plus five international remixes prior to the anticipated release ofManhattan (2013), a project named for its roots.
D’Farley has always been inspired by precious talent and soul, allowing the newest work to bring together incredible sounds with stunning vocals by JeSante' and E.R.I.C, horn and wood wind trumpet sections by Bassy Bob, Richard Bulger, and Takuya Nakamura, saxophone notes by Marcus Miller, flutes by Aki Kasuga and Damon Brandt, bass by Amanda Ruzza, and gorgeous piano solos by Simone Giuliani accompanied by key board and percussion by D'Farley himself. Manhattan, with an album release date of October 2013, is sure to be a universal success, similar to its previous releases that play on radio stations around the world, from London to Tokyo, to Australia and Hong Kong and beyond.

Manhattan Produced by Klive & 4MuLA -(features a unique cover executively created and produced by famed photographer, Kenneth Willardt, best known for shooting Lady GaGa, Beyonce, J-Lo, Maybelline & L'Oréal campaigns, and a host of magazine covers the world over. The beauty and the beat cover creative includes dreemtime singer JeSante’, longtime vocalist at dreemtime, and founder, D’Farley, to bring to life curiosity of NYC culture for the creative creatures that speak Dreemtime's language—New York Lounge Funk.

Janet Wright ( a.k.a Pixie or Pix’y)
Janet Wright arrived in Detroit as a six month old babe in arms when her family migrated north from their former home in Georgia in 1947. As a child Janet absorbed all the musical influences that surrounded her growing up in the Motor City. She first started dancing at the age of 8 and it soon became apparent that she too had a vocal talent when her mother discovered her singing along to Sarah Vaughn’s “Broken Hearted Melody” on the radio.

In the mid 19 60’s Janet often performed in local talent shows often competing against other notable future female performers from her neighbourhood. Sisters, Joyce and Pam Vincent .Who later went on to record for Golden World and Solid Hit records as part of the all girl group, The Debonaires. As well as Gwen Owens who recorded for the Velgo, Oncore, Josie, Lau-reen  and Casablanca  labels .
At the age of 20 Janet was recruited by Jack Ashford  for his Just Production company where she worked as a session singer  under the supervision of Lorriane Chandler  for a short while.
Janet then later signed on at Ernest Burt’s Magic City Label under the recommendation of Ernest’s wife Barbara. It was Barbara who suggested to Janet that she should adopt the performing name of Pixie Wright. At Magic City Janet worked as a backing singer and performed with several of the artists on the Magic City label. Although no solo recording of Janet’s are believed to have been made.
Following the closure of Magic City Janet moved over to Don Davis’s United Sound Studio’s where she worked as a backing singer with Pam and Joyce Vincent, Krystal Davis and Yolanda McCullough featuring on many of the records that the United Sound produced at that time. This continued until Joyce’s departure to join Tony Orlando & Dawn. Yolanda and Krystal then made the move to New York with Janet soon following them.  Once in New York Yolanda and Krystal recommended Janet to Producer Harold Wheeler.  Wheeler had worked on the hit Broadway play ‘The Wiz’( a modern adaptation of the Classic film ‘The Wizard Of Oz’)  and was by now running the sort lived Atlantic disco subsidiary label ‘Wing & A Prayer’. Here he created two studio groups one of which he signed Janet to under the name of ‘Consumer Rapport’.
 Wheeler recorded two single on Consumer Rapport, “Ease On Down The Road b/w Go On With Your Bad Self” (HS-101) followed by “Everybody Join Hands b/w Love Takes Tears” (HS-102) a later promo only 45 “A Holiday Gift/A Holiday Gift (HS-75) was later issued which featured Wing & A Prayers other studio group the “Wing & A Prayer Fife Drum Corps”.

Throughout late the 70’s Janet worked on many projects with many established artists such as Phylis Hyman, Luther Vandross, Change, Patti Austin, Eddie Kendricks, Jimmy Ruffin, Billy Idol and Jocelyn Brown. Janet a lifelong friend of Jocelyn’s incidentally sang backing vocals to Jocelyn’s lead vocals on Inner Life’s disc hit “I’m Caught Up (In A One Night Love Affair)” in 1979.
In 1984 Janet was signed by Henry Allen to Atlantic/Cottilion where she released the disco influenced dance track “I Can’t Take It”. After her Atlantic release Janet continued to do session work, which on several occasions allowed her to travel to Europe , touring with the likes of Gerald Alston, David Peaston, Natalie Cole and Whitney Houston amongst others. Janet enjoyed her European excursions so much that at one point she was seriously considering taking up residence in Holland. This ambition was sadly to be short lived following the death of her step-father in 1991 as Janet chose to return to Detroit to be closer to her mother.

In 2005 Janet became a fully trained myomassology therapist and herbal consultant, and currently spends three days a week treating her client’s sciatic problems.
In 2011 Janet returned to the studio to record a solo vanity project. Which yielded  the cd single “Even A Fool”. A second vanity project began 2013 which  will soon see the release of her  own  unique  cover version of the Rose Royce hit “ Love Don’t Live Here Anymore” which will also be featured on the forthcoming Soul Junction “Extra Rich In Soul” SJCD5007 various artists album.

David Welding  2014


is a dynamic blues and R&B singer/keyboard player who has been igniting stages in the Atlanta area and is just beginning to break out as a national artist. Blessed with a deep soul voice, a funkified keyboard style and an intense, high energy stage presence, Lola combines traditional blues with hard-edged R&B to create her own brand of contemporary music.

Lola was born in New York and grew up as a "military brat" in Oceanside, CA before her parents moved to Mobile, AL. It was there that she began sitting in with her father's funk band, playing trumpet and drums before switching to keyboards. Stevie Wonder, Donnie Hathaway, Jimmy Smith and Joe Sample were her key piano influences, along with her father's favorite, bluesman Amos Milburn. She worked her way through college playing in three different Mobile churches, absorbing a huge dose of gospel influence that you can hear every time she sings. Her other vocal inspirations include Aretha Franklin, Bonnie Raitt, B.B. King and Stevie Wonder.
Finishing college, Lola won a berth as a keyboard player with the late soul great Johnnie Taylor, touring across the country and learning first hand how to work a crowd into a frenzy.
In 1996, after winning a nationwide talent contest on BET television contest, she was signed by Andre Harrell to a Motown recording contract, but the album remains unreleased since Harrell's departure from the company.
Since striking out on her own as a band leader, Lola has shared the stage with The Pointer Sisters, Bobby Womack, Bobby "Blue" Bland, Betty Wright and Chubby Checker. Now she's taking the spotlight herself. With her firebrand stage presence, a heap of original songs, high powered keyboards, a tight band and most of all, her deeply soulful, rich and powerful voice, Lola is a major new figure stepping on to the national blues scene.
During one of her concerts she was noticed by William Bell and subsequently signed to his record label Wilbe Records and has a new CD release titled “Cleaning House” which is getting rave reviews!

Greg Watson  
Singer and songwriter Greg Watson is making a name for himself on the Houston R&B music scene.
Greg, who describes himself as a crooner with soul ended 2009 with a bang. He opened for musical
stars Jeffrey Osborne and Stephanie Mills in a Arena in Houston Texas. He has recently released his first CD, titled, "This Time". It features two songs that have already been well received, "This Time" and "Craving Your Body". Greg's new CD will no doubt increase his fast-growing fan base. In addition to his regular live performances at various Houston venues. He continues to open for such well-known names as Bobby Bland, Regina Bell, Legit, Glen Jones and others.
Greg has long admired the singing styles of such stars as Peabo Bryson, Teddy Pendergrass and the late Donny Hathaway, and now Anthony Hamilton, Brian McKnight, Johnny Gill etc.. He is also a Jeffrey Osborne fan, and was honoured to open for him at Houston’s Arena Theatre. Greg was also Blessed to Open for Mel Waiters, Bobby Bland, Regina Bell and several other artists. "Unknown to me,” Greg said, “people who heard me sing at different places were talking to those involved with the promotion of the Stephanie Mills and Jeffrey Osborne concert. They felt that I sounded a little like Jeffrey and asked that I be given a chance. I lived out a dream opening up for two of my favourite singers. That alone is a blessing.”
Greg isn’t content entertaining the community. He also cares about the community, and has served in law enforcement for 15 years. A native of Arkansas, Greg, like many R&B performers,first started singing on Sunday mornings. “My grandmother made me sing in church when I was little,” he recalled. “It was at Gates Chapel AME church in Crossett, Arkansas, and I was around ten. I was nervous as all get out, but my grandmother wouldn't’ let me get out of the program.“In high school,” he continued, “my friends asked me to sing in choir with them, and in college, I needed a scholarship. Now, years later, I sing because it makes me feel good.” Greg hopes that
the sky is the limit as far as his career is concerned.
“My goal is to develop myself to be the best writer and singer that I can possibly be, and create songs that have meaning in the lives of those who listen,” he said. “I want to be successful doing something that I love to do, which is to communicate with others in a way that helps smooth the rocky road of life.”
In 2013 I was fortunate to meet KHOU 11 news report Mr Tim Wetzel who heard some of my
music and stated that he liked it. He thought it sounded very professional. I told him that I had already been on great day Houston in the past. He expressed and interest in doing a story on me. The story aired on 11 news august 6, 2013 at 10pm. I feel like this was a blessing from God, because after about 7 years I am finally going to take this chance and release my Project, “Pieces Of Me 2.” Composed of song written and sang by me, Greg Watson. It will be released on iTunes. My Goal was to create songs that will not only just make people feel the music, but the lyrics as well. My lyrics are about real life things, Love lost, won, and also how we hope and wish things can be. I would like for my music to have no barriers to anyone of any background. Hopefully I got a little bit for everyone. As my grandmother used to tell me about cooking,” Baby, just season it to your taste, if you like it, someone else will.“ Thus comes the name,” Mr Seasoning.” Smile !!!
Lionel Cornelius
Smooth, sultry, and soulful vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, and producer, Lionel Cornelius (LC) is the baby brother of the 70’s performing artists Cornelius Brothers & Sister Rose.
Lionel began singing and playing the trumpet and piano at the age of 5. At that time, he began entering local talent shows and later performed with his brothers in the group The Power House Band. Lionel was discovered and hired as an extra for the TV series, Miami Vice. After working two episodes as an extra, Lionel was interviewed and cast by Michael Mann to work alongside Clarence Williams III in the "Tale of the Goat” as his first supporting role. Lionel's passion for the stage still exists today as he returns to the music industry with this his debut single as a solo artist. While working on his first solo project in 2011, Lionel was selected by Mr. Fred Cash as the lead vocalist for “The Impressions,” but decided to
pursue a solo career instead.
Lionel is the owner and CEO of Lionel Cornelius Entertainment, a subsidiary of Lionel Cornelius Enterprises, Inc founded in 2001. LC Entertainment provides multimedia entertainment services to artists in the areas of recording, production, post production (music, video, film), artist management, and digital music sales.